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2015-08-18theme: Add default state for descriptions.HEADmasterDaniel Juyung Seo
This fixes compilation error on the latest efl.
2014-01-252 small fixdavemds
2014-01-25label_get -> text_getdavemds
2014-01-25Update ALL the imports to the new styledavemds
2014-01-25This commit make the wain window appear againdavemds
I'm not really sure about this change, it was trying to use a swallow part that was not existant in the edje. Now at least the window start up. Lots of other fixes need to be done, but should be trivial
2014-01-25edc indentationdavemds
2014-01-25yet more importsdavemds
2014-01-25more import fixesdavemds
2014-01-25more import fixesdavemds
2014-01-25more cursors fixesdavemds
2014-01-25Just an example on how to replace decoratorsdavemds
2014-01-25Fix some old importsdavemds
2013-07-31updating desktop filesMassimo Maiurana
SVN revision: 84579
2013-07-04Fixed sorting of desktop filesMassimo Maiurana
SVN revision: 84576
2013-07-02updating various translationsMassimo Maiurana
SVN revision: 84567
2013-04-08editje: updated editje code according to latest python binding changes (git).Daniel Juyung Seo
This is not all. I should wait for the edje edit support from python-efl. SVN revision: 84490
2012-12-17updating esperanto translationsMassimo Maiurana
SVN revision: 81195
2012-11-20updating various translationsMassimo Maiurana
SVN revision: 79483
2012-06-28editje: Make editje work again.Kai Huuhko
SVN revision: 72971
2012-06-05editje: Keep up with recent py-elm changes. Fixes bug #1019Kai Huuhko
SVN revision: 71701
2012-05-21patch from Ticket #1010 - fredricjCarsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 71267
2012-03-13 After elm radically changed, some compilation errors are not fixed.Hyoyoung Chang
I changed for this. 1. add a parameter for item_bring_in -elm_genlist_item_bring_in(it); +elm_genlist_item_bring_in(it, ELM_GENLIST_ITEM_SCROLLTO_IN); 2. change a enum type name - Elm_Genlist_Item_Flags + Elm_Genlist_Item_Type 3. change a enum name - if (!parent) flags = ELM_GENLIST_ITEM_SUBITEMS; + if (!parent) flags = ELM_GENLIST_ITEM_TREE; Signed-off-by: Hyoyoung Chang <> SVN revision: 69283
2012-02-21editje elmdentica: Updated .gitignore.Daniel Juyung Seo
Signed-off-by: Daniel Juyung Seo <> SVN revision: 68176
2012-01-10[editje] aspect preference image knobs now exposed.Gustavo Lima Chaves
Andreas, this is for you. I exposed the aspect_PREF property, which is one which already got python-bindings support. The aspect_MODE that you want still doesn't have, but it should be trivial to add it. This is a hint on how to proceed ;) SVN revision: 67009
2012-01-04bugfix to repair usage of edje_imagesAndreas Volz
SVN revision: 66874
2011-12-21editje: Removed non-existing sources. There are no groups likeDaniel Juyung Seo
"elm/entry/selection/default", "elm/entry/cursor/default", "elm/entry/anchor/default". SVN revision: 66406
2011-08-30[editje] And now on the file not ending with .py.Gustavo Lima Chaves
SVN revision: 62997
2011-08-30[editje] Remove warnings from deprecated func calls.Gustavo Lima Chaves
SVN revision: 62996
2011-08-02that's it - remove autom4te.cache dirs again... - keep having to manyCarsten Haitzler
problems about it storing invalid config when the same build trees are shared between multiple architectures and machines. :( better we build right than build fast. SVN revision: 61974
2011-06-16Since the SVN revision is now included in %{version}, it's redundantMichael Jennings
to have it in %{release} also. So let's just tag the package as ours and try to make sure it doesn't interfere with vendor releases. SVN revision: 60407
2010-12-16Revert this commit, causes problems with focus in entriesIván Briano
SVN revision: 55601
2010-12-10First version of Geometry setup dialogTiago Rezende Campos Falcao
SVN revision: 55466
2010-12-10Fix warning in edc compile errorTiago Rezende Campos Falcao
SVN revision: 55465
2010-12-10Use activate with InWinTiago Rezende Campos Falcao
SVN revision: 55464
2010-12-10Adding new shortcuts to manualOtávio Pontes
SVN revision: 55454
2010-12-10Adding keybinds for toolbar actionsOtávio Pontes
SVN revision: 55453
2010-12-08Batch of documentation fixes.Gustavo Lima Chaves
SVN revision: 55381
2010-12-07Show relevant errors if recompiling the script failsIván Briano
SVN revision: 55361
2010-12-07If enabled, show the focus highlight on properties bar widgetsIván Briano
SVN revision: 55351
2010-12-03Fix content at stack and clip itTiago Rezende Campos Falcao
SVN revision: 55218
2010-12-03Only code style in elm_collapsable_scroller.edcTiago Rezende Campos Falcao
SVN revision: 55217
2010-12-03Replace Evas KEY_DOWN with Elm EventTiago Rezende Campos Falcao
SVN revision: 55216
2010-12-03Add new filename in opened_files when save_asTiago Rezende Campos Falcao
SVN revision: 55215
2010-12-03Compile script when saving, show message if it failsIván Briano
By: Helen Fornazier <> SVN revision: 55204
2010-12-03Log WindowIván Briano
By: Helen Fornazier <> SVN revision: 55203
2010-11-30Fix Editje when saving .edcTiago Rezende Campos Falcao
Replace wrong atribute name. And fixed the code to copy images and fonts from decompiled edj to work dir. SVN revision: 55090
2010-11-30Initial support to key modifier.Tiago Rezende Campos Falcao
Added use for control and shift modifiers in part handlers. Shift work with aspect and Control use steps. In part move, shift restrict moviment in 0, 45, 90,... degrees. SVN revision: 55089
2010-11-12 * editje: increase version for snapshot.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 54512
2010-11-03pass distcheckIván Briano
SVN revision: 54124
2010-11-02Shut up Edje and fix alignment of group entryIván Briano
SVN revision: 54111