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masterSend escaped string to the nofitication daemonIván Briano9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-03-22Send escaped string to the nofitication daemonHEADmasterIván Briano
2013-03-23add accessor for guid permalink attributediscomfitor
2013-03-23move shotgun_gui theme stuff around to work better with out of tree buildsdiscomfitor
2013-03-23more rss workdiscomfitor
2013-03-22try xml parsing on html content-types to account for asshole sites that don't...discomfitor
2013-03-22simplify azy client fetch completiondiscomfitor
2013-03-22fix 2 digit azy cookie year parsingdiscomfitor
2013-03-22some small fixes for azy clientsdiscomfitor
2013-03-22fix azy client crash with http 1.0discomfitor
2013-03-22better fix for client callback freesdiscomfitor