AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-08-12Long overdue port to eldbus namespace.HEADmasterStefan Schmidt
2013-05-28elocation: Free possible old entries in the address struct.Stefan Schmidt
2013-03-22elocation: Don'r rely on the callback for RemoveReferenceStefan Schmidt
2013-03-21coverage: Remove unit test code from coverage reports.Stefan Schmidt
2013-03-19elocation: Add event to signal when the meta provider is ready.Stefan Schmidt
2013-03-18tests: Avoid double free of address object data.Stefan Schmidt
2013-03-18elocation: obj_geonames does not need to be a global.Stefan Schmidt
2013-03-18elocation: Check signature first before trying to get arguments.Stefan Schmidt
2013-03-18elocation: Re-factor unmarshall address to be used for all addresses.Stefan Schmidt
2013-03-18elocation: Free address in the actual _free function.Stefan Schmidt
2013-03-18elocation: Reorder free's to match the ordering of other free'sStefan Schmidt
2013-03-15elocation: Use correct size for accuracy allocation.Stefan Schmidt
2013-03-14elocation: Add empty lines between output blocks to make it better readableStefan Schmidt
2013-03-14elocation: Pass providers around to rely less on globalsStefan Schmidt
2013-03-14elocation: Only print warnings when optional interfaces are unavailable.Stefan Schmidt
2013-03-14elocation: Rename time to a clearer name.Stefan Schmidt
2013-03-14elocation: Update .gitignore to ignore coverage outputStefan Schmidt
2013-03-14elocation: Cleanup unused variablesStefan Schmidt
2013-03-13configure: Don't report unused parameters.Stefan Schmidt
2013-03-12elocation: No need to assign the geoname object twice.Stefan Schmidt
2013-01-15elocation: follow edbus change about unref'ing messages after sendLucas De Marchi
2012-12-19PROTO/elocation: Follow edbus api change.Stefan Schmidt
2012-12-18PROTO/elocation: Bring up some more elocation unit testing.Stefan Schmidt
2012-12-18PROTO/elocation: 0 is a valid status code so take -1 for the error case.Stefan Schmidt
2012-12-18PROTO/elocation: Add tests for address and position objectsStefan Schmidt
2012-12-18PROTO/elocation: Check before accessing structures that might not be populated.Stefan Schmidt
2012-12-18PROTO/elocation: Add skeleton for unit tests and coverage.Stefan Schmidt
2012-12-18PROTO/elocation: Actually return EINA_TRUE when init was a success.Stefan Schmidt
2012-12-18PROTO/elocation: Add forgotten public API to header file and document it.Stefan Schmidt
2012-12-17PROTO/elocation: Give it more documentation and comments love.Stefan Schmidt
2012-12-14elocation: Ramp up the docs a bit.Stefan Schmidt
2012-12-14elocation: Make sure we unref the proxy at the end.Stefan Schmidt
2012-12-14elocation: Actually free all strings we duplicated durign lifetime.Stefan Schmidt
2012-12-14elocation: Shut up some uninitialized variable warningsStefan Schmidt
2012-12-07config.h should not be included in Elocation.hFlavio Vinicius Alvares Ceolin
2012-12-07Fixing the elocation requirements in elocation.pcFlavio Vinicius Alvares Ceolin
2012-12-06Putting void in functions without parametersFlavio Vinicius Alvares Ceolin
2012-10-26PROTO/elocation: Add testing code for POI interface.Stefan Schmidt
2012-10-26PROTO/elocation: Add initial testing code for the Satellite interface.Stefan Schmidt
2012-10-25PROTO/elocation: Initial code to handle the NMEA interface.Stefan Schmidt
2012-10-25PROTO/elocation: Add interface defines for additional geoclue interfacesStefan Schmidt
2012-10-25PROTO/elocation: Add gitignore to ignore generated stuff here.Stefan Schmidt
2012-10-25PROTO/elocation: Add main documentation page and add group.Stefan Schmidt
2012-10-25PROTO/elocation: Add image subfolder for correct documentation generation.Stefan Schmidt Remove obsolte doxygen tags from all our files.Stefan Schmidt
2012-10-23PROTO/elocation: Prepare documentation generationStefan Schmidt
2012-10-22PROTO/elocation: Use key value struct.Stefan Schmidt
2012-10-22PROTO/elocation: Small documentation overhaul.Stefan Schmidt
2012-10-22PROTO/elocation: Add some test code for the location converter.Stefan Schmidt
2012-10-22PROTO/elocation: Generate geocode events and hand them off to the event handlerStefan Schmidt