BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterlottie: cleanup example foldersubhransu mohanty10 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
10 dayslottie: cleanup example folderHEADmastersubhransu mohanty2-9/+2
10 dayslottie: relocate freetype code.subhransu mohanty19-1819/+115
10 dayslottie : updated meson filessubhransu mohanty5-31/+26
10 dayslottie: renamed include to inc foldersubhransu mohanty4-151/+151
10 dayslottie: renamed to vector namespacesubhransu mohanty40-1021/+1015
10 dayslottie: renamed sgpath to vpathsubhransu mohanty13-151/+151
10 dayslottie: folder reorg part 2subhransu mohanty19-378/+12
10 dayslottie: remove unnecessary foldersubhransu mohanty29-1788/+0
10 dayslottie: re organize folder structure.subhransu mohanty57-244/+232
10 dayslottie: hide all the symbols from library by usung -fvisibility=hiddensubhransu mohanty7-41/+59