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2018-07-11lottie: cleanup example folderHEADmastersubhransu mohanty
2018-07-11lottie : updated meson filessubhransu mohanty
2018-07-11lottie: renamed to vector namespacesubhransu mohanty
2018-07-11lottie: renamed sgpath to vpathsubhransu mohanty
2018-07-11lottie: re organize folder structure.subhransu mohanty
2018-07-11lottie: hide all the symbols from library by usung -fvisibility=hiddensubhransu mohanty
2018-07-11lottie: added polystar sample filesubhransu mohanty
2018-07-10lottie: added polystar star/polygon featuresYoungbok Shin
2018-07-10lottie: cleanup lottiplayer interfacesubhransu mohanty
2018-07-09lottie: added sample file to test mask featuresubhransu mohanty
2018-07-06demo: add setSpeed api to the lottieviewsubhransu mohanty
2018-07-04lottie: updated demo appsubhransu mohanty
2018-07-04lottie: updated the demo appssubhransu mohanty
2018-07-04lottie: fixed valgrind warning for uninitialized variable.subhransu mohanty
2018-07-03lottie: add stroke dashing support to lottie renderersubhransu mohanty
2018-07-02lottie: add a painting backend to the librarysubhransu mohanty
2018-06-28lottie: add more sample lottie imagessubhransu mohanty
2018-06-26lottie: update lottie rendering pass logic.subhransu mohanty
2018-06-25lottie: fixed scaling issue in composition itemsubhransu mohanty
2018-06-25lottie: fixed lottieviewtest appsubhransu mohanty
2018-06-25lotie: fixed rendering issuesubhransu mohanty
2018-06-22lottie: fix rendering issuesubhransu mohanty
2018-06-22lottie: added lottie canvas logicsubhransu mohanty
2018-06-21lottie: fixed color object interfacesubhransu mohanty
2018-06-21lottie: updated lottimodel apisubhransu mohanty
2018-06-20ssg: added lottieview class and lottieviewtest app to examplesubhransu mohanty
2018-06-20ssg: add a pathtest demo and evasapp classsubhransu mohanty
2018-06-15lottie: update sample app with player interfacesubhransu mohanty
2018-06-14lottie: updated transform parsingsubhransu mohanty
2018-06-14lottie: fixed the path parsing issuesubhransu mohanty
2018-06-12lottie: rename the lottie model object classessubhransu mohanty
2018-06-07lottie: added polystar and matte supportsubhransu mohanty
2018-05-31ssg: ssg demo fix for eo issue.subhransu mohanty
2018-05-25ssg: setup a new repo for ssg librarysubhransu mohanty