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2015-01-06Add more tooltips to Resource ManagerYakov Goldberg
2015-01-06Unselect widget when reload windowYakov Goldberg
2015-01-06Add tooltip to Resource Manager's fieldsYakov Goldberg
2015-01-04Fix duplicate adding of empty string into resource hoverselYakov Goldberg
2014-12-31Parsing: fix error message when parsing file without 'Widgets' sectionYakov Goldberg
2014-12-31Parsing: fix error message when parsing file without 'Resources' section - 2Yakov Goldberg
2014-12-31Revert "Parsing: fix error message when parsing file without 'Resources' ↵Yakov Goldberg
section" This reverts commit e33801d5498597cb7b31289f4f1a882ad39939b9.
2014-12-30Parsing: fix error message when parsing file without 'Resources' sectionYakov Goldberg
2014-12-30JSON parsing: return proper result when parsingYakov Goldberg
2014-12-30Egui_Layout: 'Export' dialog - hide CPP optionYakov Goldberg
2014-12-30Egui_Layout: cleanYakov Goldberg
2014-12-30Add ecore timer to reload widget after drag and dropYakov Goldberg
- fix dragging from table
2014-12-29Add tooltips for Desc/Callbacks/Content viewsYakov Goldberg
2014-12-29Add tooltip for property valuesYakov Goldberg
2014-12-29API name typoYakov Goldberg
2014-12-29Adding tooltip for factory itemsYakov Goldberg
2014-12-29Together with prev commit: fix objtree filteringYakov Goldberg
2014-12-28filteringYakov Goldberg
Signed-off-by: Yakov Goldberg <>
2014-12-28Fix macro IS_MAIN()Yakov Goldberg
2014-12-23Adding key bindingsYakov Goldberg
2014-12-23DnD: fix 2Yakov Goldberg
2014-12-23DnD: fixYakov Goldberg
2014-12-23Fix window creation from callback.Daniel Zaoui
A bad message was printed during parsing and no empty place was reserved in the hoversel to choose a NULL parent.
2014-12-23Dep_Id renamed to EidDaniel Zaoui
2014-12-23Gui_Widget cleaning.Daniel Zaoui
2014-12-23Naviframe refactoring.Daniel Zaoui
UX was totally missing, making it unusable at all.
2014-12-23Dummy objects implementation.Daniel Zaoui
Dummy objects are essentially visible in edje objects and naviframes. A specific widget id indicates the need to create a dummy Eo object.
2014-12-23Generator: generate Eo and Elm flags inside C fileDaniel Zaoui
2014-12-23Fix: complete generation for actionsDaniel Zaoui
2014-12-21DnD fix mistype, which caused wrong behaviorYakov Goldberg
2014-12-21Resize main widgets: fix segvYakov Goldberg
2014-12-21DnD: fix. Clicking on empty windowYakov Goldberg
2014-12-21Set part text for specific widgetsDaniel Zaoui
2014-12-21Adding key bindingsYakov Goldberg
2014-12-15Add memento when resizing widgets by dragging markersYakov Goldberg
2014-12-15DnD. Part 2Yakov Goldberg
2014-12-08Add meemnto support for widget's parent changeYakov Goldberg
2014-12-08Revert "Update wdg_obj_container_unset"Yakov Goldberg
This reverts commit 69e9f013398993a1bb6ce01be9d296f14eb26ea0.
2014-12-08Update wdg_obj_container_unsetYakov Goldberg
Unset parent only if current container is a parent. Because in undo/redo parent of child widget can be already changed, so we don't want to unset it.
2014-12-08Update undo/redo post cbYakov Goldberg
2014-12-08add API to get idx of an object packed into containerYakov Goldberg
2014-12-08Make reorder API able to move several steps up/downYakov Goldberg
2014-12-08Free lists in session_delYakov Goldberg
2014-12-04Fix resizing of main objectsYakov Goldberg
One of main changes: - commenting out setting of main wdg as resize object, because it causes strange resizing behaviour when openning project. Maybe need check it more properly.
2014-12-03Make undo to iterate mementos in reverse orderYakov Goldberg
2014-12-03Add NULL check into dep_name_get()Yakov Goldberg
2014-12-03...even more fix to prev commit.Yakov Goldberg
2014-12-03Fix to eo_unref() patchYakov Goldberg
Without this patch inlined image won't be deleted.
2014-12-03Fix Valgrind issuesDaniel Zaoui
2014-12-03Fix eo_unref stuffDaniel Zaoui