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developadd hardcoded cases for Edje and evas_object_size_set/getYakov Goldberg8 years
masterRelease 0.0.2Yakov Goldberg9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-12-17Release 0.0.2HEADmasterYakov Goldberg
2012-12-17JS gen: fixes to avoid name clash with 'val'-named varYakov Goldberg
2012-12-17DEV_README upYakov Goldberg
2012-12-17DEV_README upYakov Goldberg
2012-12-16README upYakov Goldberg
2012-12-16Some stuff in command line args for scriptsYakov Goldberg
2012-12-16Tests updatedYakov Goldberg
2012-12-16README updated. All put in one README fileYakov Goldberg
2012-12-13Fix: setup.pyYakov Goldberg
2012-12-13Major fixesYakov Goldberg