AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-11add stuff for more robust migrationHEADmasterMike Blumenkrantz
2018-07-14fdo import: Clean up kemper on failureDaniel Stone
2018-07-14Add repo-import scriptDaniel Stone
2018-06-07disable sudo, fix phabDaniel Stone
2018-06-03fixup! Preserve author for issues, comments, attachmentsDaniel Stone
2018-06-03Add support for servicesDaniel Stone
2018-06-02FDO: Do cache default assignees/QADaniel Stone
2018-06-02Work around Bugzilla API changesDaniel Stone
2018-06-02Preserve author for issues, comments, attachmentsEdward Hervey
2018-06-02Pass source/destination URLs from program into commonDaniel Stone
2018-06-02Move GIT_ORIGIN_PREFIX to GitLab classEdward Hervey
2018-06-02Treat product/component having the same value as 'General'Edward Hervey
2018-06-02Allow filtering by Bugzilla componentEdward Hervey
2018-06-02phabtogl: Ignore attachment import errorsThibault Saunier
2018-06-02phabtogl: add a '--start-at' argumentThibault Saunier
2018-05-19Allow uncached comment authorsCarlos Soriano
2018-05-02 Add a map for components to labels Fill it up with GTK components and labels.Carlos Soriano
2018-05-02Migrate bugzilla milestones, if set.Michael James Gratton
2018-05-02Look for imported Yorba bugs and clean up the first comment if found.Michael James Gratton
2018-05-02Migrate bugzilla version if specified and useful.Michael James Gratton
2018-05-02README: User versioning for pythonCarlos Soriano
2018-05-02Add support for migrating See Also field. Fixes #27.Michael James Gratton
2018-02-19Handle default assignee as creatorPhilip Chimento
2018-01-28Merge branch 'master' into 'master'Philip Chimento
2018-01-28test: Sanity check phabtoglThibault Saunier
2018-01-28bztogl: Use GitLab object from common.pyThibault Saunier
2018-01-28Sort importsThibault Saunier
2018-01-28Add a phabricator importer.Thibault Saunier
2018-01-20Merge branch 'few-fixes' into 'master'Carlos Soriano
2018-01-20Don't abort if project doesn't exist if recreate is providedCarlos Soriano
2018-01-20Don't query Bugzilla if the project doesn't use itCarlos Soriano
2018-01-20Fix template render functionCarlos Soriano
2018-01-19Merge branch 'wip/nielsdg/add-creator-to-subscribers' into 'master'Philip Chimento
2018-01-18Add BZ creator to Gitlab subscribers.Niels De Graef
2018-01-11Merge branch 'add-users-cache' into 'master'Carlos Soriano
2018-01-11Cache users including secondary emailsCarlos Soriano
2018-01-10Merge branch 'setup-py-fixes' into 'master'Philip Chimento
2018-01-10Update for changePhilip Chimento
2018-01-10Fix to install the whole packagePhilip Chimento
2018-01-10Merge branch 'fix-gtk' into 'master'Philip Chimento
2018-01-09Check Bugzilla components' default assigneesPhilip Chimento
2018-01-09Create a package with setup.pyPhilip Chimento
2018-01-09Merge branch 'fix-tags' into 'master'Philip Chimento
2018-01-08Quote XML-like tags when not already in backticksPhilip Chimento
2018-01-06Move text rendering to template filePhilip Chimento
2017-12-22Merge branch 'master' into 'master'Carlos Soriano
2017-12-11Add missing blank lines between toplevel functionsFederico Mena Quintero
2017-12-11Fix long linesFederico Mena Quintero
2017-12-11Merge branch 'last-fixes-for-gjs' into 'master'Carlos Soriano
2017-12-09Workaround python-gitlab bugPhilip Chimento