AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-07add some efl-style improvementsHEADmasterMike Blumenkrantz
2017-05-31git-phab: Handle NoSection exception from configparserPhilip Withnall
2017-04-17Back to development toward 3.0Thibault Saunier
2017-04-17Release 2.1.0Thibault Saunier
2017-04-17Handle a different title placeholderAlexandru Băluț
2017-04-17Set the title in the dict only onceAlexandru Băluț
2017-04-17man: Fix incorrect flagAlexandru Băluț
2017-03-21man: Remove now removed documentation about checkoutThibault Saunier
2017-03-21Document 'apply' subcommand.Andrew Shadura
2017-03-21Use branches from staging repo to set task branchesThibault Saunier
2017-03-21Allow stashing changes before applying/attaching/landing patchesThibault Saunier
2017-03-16Explicitly set revision title when creatingDaniel Stone
2017-03-16Update pre-commit configDaniel Stone
2017-02-28Checkout the base commit of the first differential when building fake branchThibault Saunier
2017-02-17README: Add some documentation about how to first setup a projectThibault Saunier
2017-02-17If there are multiple remotes, use the one we are trackingSimon McVittie
2017-02-17Re-enable '--arcrc' optionJustin Kim
2016-11-17Bump version after releaseThibault Saunier
2016-11-17Release 2.0Thibault Saunier
2016-11-14Never add dependency on already closed revisionsThibault Saunier
2016-11-14Parse the repository-local arcconfig (in .git/arc/config).Andrew Shadura
2016-11-14git-phab.txt: Make the formatting more manpagey.Andrew Shadura
2016-11-09git-phab: Fix additions and deletions of binary filesPhilip Withnall
2016-11-09git-phab: Pass --keep-cr to git-am to avoid breaking on CRLF patchesPhilip Withnall
2016-11-09Do not try to apply abandonned revisionsThibault Saunier
2016-09-28README: Add back instructions to install git-phabXavier Claessens
2016-09-28Enable bash completion againXavier Claessens
2016-09-17git-phab: Use repository.query for all repository queriesPhilip Withnall
2016-09-17Avoid trying to connect to phab when not neededThibault Saunier
2016-09-17get_changes_for_diff: ignore UnicodeDecodeErrorGuillaume Desmottes
2016-09-17fix 'arc lint' callGuillaume Desmottes
2016-08-10Use same code path to handle `fetch --checkout` as `fetch` aloneThibault Saunier
2016-08-10Do not print `pre-commit` output and let user interact with arclintThibault Saunier
2016-08-10Remove useless printsThibault Saunier
2016-08-10Rename merge to apply handling both revisions and tasksThibault Saunier
2016-08-10Remove checkout and make fetch behave like git fetchThibault Saunier
2016-08-09git-phab: Fix offsets in manually constructed git diffsPhilip Withnall
2016-08-09git-phab: Add --never-apply-patches argument to `arc lint`Philip Withnall
2016-08-09git-phab: Fix content type detection for binary filesPhilip Withnall
2016-08-09git-phab: Do not strip leading spaces from commit messagesPhilip Withnall
2016-08-09git-phab: Only match blacklisted headers at the start of linesPhilip Withnall
2016-08-09git-phab: Search for blacklisted fields in attach commit messagesPhilip Withnall
2016-08-09git-phab: Fix inclusion of git fields in attach commit messagesPhilip Withnall
2016-08-09git-phab: Increase result limit on repository.query methodPhilip Withnall
2016-08-09git-phab: Add some input error checking to cherry-pick modePhilip Withnall
2016-08-09git-phab: Expand error message if repository cannot be foundPhilip Withnall
2016-08-09fetch: Gracefully error if task has no git URI setPhilip Withnall
2016-08-09setup: Ignore pre-commit FileNotFoundError exceptionsPhilip Withnall
2016-08-09Add thiblahute as default reviewerThibault Saunier
2016-08-05Remove 'Oo' prefix to oct valuesThibault Saunier