8 Commits (8c5be8b4683a3bbaa1166f69d069b5a5c02922c6)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Kim Woelders 1bf0c713bd Make e16keyedit work in e16 window mode. 14 years ago
Kim Woelders 8ef8cece76 Autofoo and other cleanups. 18 years ago
Kim Woelders fbef3c7990 Constify. 18 years ago
Kim Woelders 32863c5634 Indent E-style. 18 years ago
Andreas Volz 3d19d90015 initial change to gtk2 20 years ago
Mandrake 455099f950 now we read the keys out of E, need to clean up some 24 years ago
Mandrake 3d038fb94e still nothing here. adding ipc stuff in 24 years ago
Mandrake aafe74b024 still not much here. 24 years ago