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BlueSteel - for (THE MOST CURRENT VERSION OF) enlightenment 0.16


10-9-99: I added in all of the epplet imageclasses and textclasses. I'm
not sure how they'll look, since there aren't any epplets to test them with
yet. :) I'm using BrushedMetal's textclasses for the time being, since I
don't think that the Vixar ASCI font will fit in the small amount of space
that epplets use.

10-7-99: I fixed an image in the SMALLFIXED border whose left edge was
three pixels too far to the left, and added in the missing iconbox tooltip
stuff. :)

10/3/99: Okay, this will hopefully be the last update for a while. I've
been writing patches to fix little annoyances in E lately, so now there's
only one entry left in this theme's Bugs section. :) Also, I created a
SMALLFIXED border, and put the finishing touches on the windowmatches. Oh,
and I created an ICONBOX border, which is just a clone of the BORDERLESS

9/28/99 (no. 2): I finished the "About This Theme" window and put in all of
the Eterm auto mode pixmaps, including the not-yet-supported ones (the left
arrow and right arrow). I scaled down the background image to make it a
reasonable size. Eterm's menu doesn't seem to work when I set its images
to auto mode, but the normal image mode is so much faster that I don't
think anyone will use auto mode, anyway. :)

9/28/99: I put the original non-resizable VERYSMALL border back into the
theme. It's now called VERYSMALLFIXED, and is used for the menus. I also
added in images for the focuslist, and for the four dialog widget
imageclasses that I was missing.

9/27/99: I replaced the SMALL border. It's now basically a cross between
the DEFAULT and TRANSIENT borders (like DEFAULT, but with TRANSIENT's
titlebar, and no maximize button). I also modified the VERYSMALL border,
so its sides, buttom, and bottom corners are all resizable. The
windowmatches.cfg file gives windows LEFTSIDE, SMALL, or VERYSMALL borders
if they're too small to be fitted with DEFAULT. All of enlightenment's
dialog boxes use the DEFAULT border, for some reason. I've emailed raster
about this.

9/26/99: I fixed a couple of bugs, added in an imageclass and textclass for
the pager tooltips, created a new border named LEFTPAGER for all you
weirdos who put your pagers on the left side of your screen (note: it has
problems with shading that will hopefully be resolved soon), and, thanks to
Martin Tyler (, put a couple of lines into the
windowmatches.cfg to make enlightenment give the LEFTSIDE border to windows
that aren't wide enough to use the DEFAULT border. I'll make another small
resizable border for the next update and add it here as well.

9/25/99: Colormodifiers are no longer in enlightenment, so this theme isn't
using them anymore. I rewrote all the config files, so this theme should
fully comply with the 0.16 theme standard now (see BrushedMetal's README
file). This means that the buttons will no longer be included with the
theme. The imageclasses used by Eterm's auto mode aren't quite done yet,
but Eterm runs so slowly in that mode on my computer that I don't think
anyone will care. On second thought, I'll just leave them out of the theme
for the time being, since the background takes up a huge amount of space.
I also added in the "unshade" imageclass for the pagers, and created two
cursors for shading.

9/4/99: Huge update this time. I redid a bunch of the graphics, and as a
result, you can now select the foreground and background colors of the
borders/border text/buttons/iconbox. The theme is also using
colormodifiers for the unfocused graphics now, so it should be taking up a
little less memory. I'll add more colors with the next update. Oh, and I
drew some tooltip graphics and replaced the old ones with them.

8/25/99: I finished the small and verysmall borders, made all of the
windows stay the same width when shading, and fixed some more little bugs.
The GTK pixmap theme has been updated with some minor bugfixes as well, and
can now be downloaded from

8/21/99: I removed the maximize button from the fixed-width border, got rid
of the annoying dark spot to the immediate right of the titlebar, added
edit and audio buttons, added a few more executables to the buttons'
actionclasses, added tooltips for all the buttons, converted all the
tooltips to the new "action" format that visually displays the different
actions that the user can perform, and made the gfx and ftp icons better.
I have an almost finished theme for the CVS version of Eterm that can be
downloaded from

8/19/99: I added a few more buttons and fixed a few small things that were
bugging me. I also finished the GTK pixmap theme. It can be downloaded
from, and I might upload
it to soon as well.

8/18/99: I added some buttons and have almost finished the GTK pixmap
theme. I'm releasing a version of this theme for Enlightenment 0.15, too.

8/10/99: I've added the > 0.16.devel.4 imageclasses for the iconbox, along
with default background and window imageclasses for the pagers. As a
result (of the iconbox stuff), this theme _might_ crash earlier versions of
CVS E (0.16.devel.3, in particular). The iconbox won't look right unless
you have the scrollbar on the bottom or the right, with the arrows at both
ends. I can change this if people really want me to, although the iconbox
won't fit in as well with the rest of the theme then. I'm not going to
make the rightside and upsidedown border styles, because of the massive
increase they would produce in the theme's memory consumption.

8/5/99: I replaced the last of the buttons (not counting unshade, which
isn't displayed because it doesn't work). I also finished a gtkrc-only
GTK+ theme that (sort of) matches the E theme. You can download it from I'm still going to trying
to finish a pixmap version, which will match the E theme's widget set.

8/4/99: I replaced the buttons once again. I like these and think I'm done
replacing buttons. :) I still need to change the buttons on the dragbar
and the pager border.

8/3/99: I replaced the close, maximize, minimize, shade, and dragbar
buttons. Let me know if you liked the old ones more. :)

8/2/99: This is my first (released) theme for Enlightenment (yes, I suck at
naming things). It's kinda inspired by Markus Kniebes' c2h8 theme,
although I did all the graphics myself in Gimp with the exception of the
font (from.. ugh.. Microsoft), the tooltips (which I got from the
ShinyMetal theme), and the two backgrounds (from
It's not quite done yet, so if you want to see what I still have planned
for it, read the following:

Bugs / To do

- CPU utilization goes to 100% and the graphics flicker in the
Desktop->Backgrounds menu (a bug in E that will be fixed in 0.17)

Contact Information

If you have any comments, find any bugs not on the above list, or think of
anything else that I should add to this theme, please email me at or Enjoy!

hunchback a.k.a. Daniel Erat -