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@@ -5944,3 +5944,57 @@ Window list: Show windows on same head as pointer first.
5944Drop incomplete HAVE_STDARG_H stuff. 5944Drop incomplete HAVE_STDARG_H stuff.
5945Fix warning with recent pango. 5945Fix warning with recent pango.
5946Warning fixes for gcc 7. 5946Warning fixes for gcc 7.
5950Mon Aug 13 19:28:19 CEST 2018
5952--- 1.0.19 ---
5953Add toggle_size half_X feature
5954Tweak some (disabled) focus debug stuff.
5955Fix focus after slide-in.
5956Fix issue with initially shaded windows in certain cases.
5957Add new macros for theming in 'definitions'
5958Update the restart cursor, which looked a bit dated.
5959Updating danish translation
5960Do proper rendering of transparent icons in menus
5961Fix magnifier pixel value display
5962Fix EDrawableDumpImage()
5963Add (disabled) window/pixmap dump commnd
5964Make Esystem() take argumments
5965Drop special handling of DEFAULT theme link.
5966theme.c: Mark some static functions as such
5967theme.c: Cosmetics
5968Some refactoring in theme look-up
5969theme.c: Add debug
5970Correct various theme path checks
5971Handle ".theme files"
5972config.c: Cosmetics
5973theme.c: Fix warning and simplify
5974theme.c: Tweak theme listing
5975theme.c: List .theme files too
5976theme.c: Fix theme file extraction
5977Remove pseudotransparency support
5978Enable using ImageClass as menu icon
5979Tweak theme variant setting
5980Swap ThemeFind() and ThemePathFind() names
5981Avoid confusing dual use of Mode.theme.path
5982Fix theme variant handling
5983A bit of startup/theme debug
5984Sort IPC help in columns instead of rows
5985Print messages for problematic borders (if EDEBUG 1)
5986Restart cursor: Increase timeout + debug tweaks
5987Restart cursor: Use in window mode too
5988Add some image cache control
5989On window mode exit close/kill windows instead of reparent to root
5990Minor win_op help update
5991epp/cpplib.c: Fix warnings found with -O3
5992xprop.c: Fix warnings found with -O3
5993Trivial cleanups
5994focus.c: Cosmetics
5995Fix focus-if-group-focused cases
5996Warning fixes for gcc 8
5997Avoid unnecesary use of MenuSetTitle()
5998If sound is enabled check that we have a sound loader
5999Spec file cleanups