AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-26glwin.c: Fix incorrect config item sizeKim Woelders
2021-04-23Sound: Enable changing engine at runtimeKim Woelders
2021-04-23Don't build disabled stuffKim Woelders
2021-04-23Sound: Change some esd to esoundKim Woelders
2021-04-23Sound: Change some pa to pulseKim Woelders
2021-04-23Sound: Header file tweaksKim Woelders
2021-04-23Move Eexec() and friends to util.hKim Woelders
2021-04-23Drop (v)snprintf() implementationKim Woelders
2021-04-12Use installed gettext version, if possibleKim Woelders
2021-04-12Eliminate AM_LANGINFO_CODESETKim Woelders
2021-04- Woelders
2021-04-12Fix version reported by e16 in release buildKim Woelders
2021-04-091.0.23v1.0.23Kim Woelders
2021-04-09Trim ChangeLog (move <= v1.0.0 to ChangeLog.old), new formatKim Woelders
2021-04-09Add ChangeLog generation scriptKim Woelders
2021-04-09Update poKim Woelders
2021-04-01Focus: Tweak request serial number check logic - correctionKim Woelders
2021-04-01Focus: Fixup after "Fix pointer focus on new windows..."Kim Woelders
2021-04-01Focus: Improve debug message understandabilityKim Woelders
2021-03-26Remove obsolete and unused AC_HEADER_STDCKim Woelders
2021-03-20Fix pager update on desk switchKim Woelders
2021-03-20Fix segv on bad border definitionKim Woelders
2021-03-19Introduce E_ARRAY_SIZE() and MOD_ITEMS()Kim Woelders
2021-03-16Focus: Tweak request serial number check logicKim Woelders
2021-03-16Focus: Don't set focus on sliding windowsKim Woelders
2021-03-16Focus: Fix pointer focus on new windows if pointer is in windowKim Woelders
2021-03-16Update winter themeKim Woelders
2021-03-10Allow Winop border in matches.cfgKim Woelders
2021-03-08Remove unused Pager:nameKim Woelders
2021-03-08Fix pager live updates if millisecond time is initially "negative"Kim Woelders
2021-03-06Fix handling of imageclasses with flipped/rotated imagesKim Woelders
2021-03-03Fix pager zoom window sometimes flickering at 0,0Kim Woelders
2021-03-03Add EoGetParent() etc.Kim Woelders
2021-03-03Remove ancient TODOKim Woelders
2021-02-27group_op showhide should target all the windows groups membersKim Woelders
2021-02-19Rename EDirUser{Set} wrappers and use then some moreKim Woelders
2021-02-18French translation update (Philippe J. Guillaumie)Kim Woelders
2021-01-19Support user fontsAndrew Savchenko
2021-01-09Sound: Treat player engine like othersKim Woelders
2021-01-09Sound: sound_pa -> sound_pulseKim Woelders
2021-01-09Sound: Mostly cosmetic changesKim Woelders
2021-01-09Sound: autofoo cosmeticsKim Woelders
2021-01-09Consistently put __EXPORT__ in .c filesKim Woelders
2020-12-29Forgot some 2020Kim Woelders
2020-12-18conf.h: Remove some unused itemsKim Woelders
2020-12-18definitions: Remove some more obsolete configuration item definitionsKim Woelders
2020-12-18Configuration parsing cleanupsKim Woelders
2020-12-18Cleanups in .desktop file generationKim Woelders
2020-12-18Include git stamp in version info (if built from git checkout)Kim Woelders
2020-12-11Introduce EImageDefineCursor()Kim Woelders