AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-12-21Do focus windows to be manually placedHEADmasterKim Woelders
Broken by ebe82a7bbba9acd29375e7afb271275b8e26706f, see
2021-11-23matches.cfg: Correct help text regarding size matchingKim Woelders
Spotted by Dennis Nezic.
2021-11-15Implement matchregexp() using fnmatch()Kim Woelders
2021-11-141.0.24v1.0.24Kim Woelders
2021-11-14Update poKim Woelders
2021-11-13Danish translation updateKim Woelders
2021-11-13pagers: Remember zoom setting when changed by pager menuKim Woelders
2021-11-13Regular expression matching fix simplificationKim Woelders
2021-11-12Regular expression matching fixesKim Woelders
Patch by Dennis Nezic <>: Currently, in matches.cfg, "Title *bla ..." will match any title with "bla" in it ... but it should only match if the title ends in bla, right?
2021-10-23systray: Change default icon size to 32Kim Woelders
Size 16 is a bit small and seems to be problematic these days.
2021-08-27Set _NET_WM_PID on WM check windowKim Woelders
Shown by utilities like wmctrl and xrestop.
2021-08-27Drop initial setting of _NET_WM_NAME = "e16" on the root windowKim Woelders
It is not required and we override it with the desktop name later anyway.
2021-08-27Refactor atoms handlingKim Woelders
Makes adding/changing atom stuff much easier.
2021-08-22Avoid using "delete"Kim Woelders
2021-08-21COMPLIANCE: UpdateKim Woelders
2021-08-21Support _NET_WM_STATE_FOCUSEDKim Woelders
GTK apps apparently use this.
2021-08-21Add _NET_WM_STATE_FOCUSED to the EWHM atomsKim Woelders
2021-08-21Only update _NET_WM_STATE and _NET_WM_ALLOWED_ACTIONS when changedKim Woelders
Avoids some hint noise.
2021-08-21xprop.c: Do some sanity checks using static asserts if possibleKim Woelders
2021-08-21Shuffle some property stuff aroundKim Woelders
Just somewhat cleaner.
2021-08-21session.c: Remove unused headersKim Woelders
2021-08-21libhack: Add XGetWindowProperty interceptionKim Woelders
2021-08-19libhack: CosmeticsKim Woelders
2021-08-14Eliminate EGetGeometry()Kim Woelders
2021-08-14Change EXGetGeometry() to EXGetSize()Kim Woelders
Only w and h are ever used. Also remove now unnecessary initializations of returned values.
2021-08-14x.c: Fix LTO warningsKim Woelders
2021-08-14x.c: Deubug stuff cleanupsKim Woelders
2021-08-14x.c: Remove ancient unused ECreateFocusWindow()Kim Woelders
2021-07-20extinitwin: Fix parent/client synchronizationKim Woelders
1) Clear ENLIGHTENMENT_RESTART_SCREEN property on start so we properly detect the client init condition. 2) Use SleepUs() instead of time() to properly force a delay. time() was interrupted by signals (SIGCHLDs) cutting the delay short.
2021-07-20Fix EImageDefineCursor() for window modeKim Woelders
Use RROOT, not VROOT. EImageDefineCursor() is used by the restart cursor code, and in window mode VROOT is destroyed during restart. Also correct comment.
2021-07-17edox: Avoid LTO null pointer warningKim Woelders
2021-07-17edox: Unifdef USE_XFONTKim Woelders
Disabled since 2007.
2021-07-17Backgrounds: Fix trouble when deleting multiply referenced backgroundKim Woelders
If a background to be deleted is multiply referenced it will not be deleted. In this case do not adjust the background miniature display.
2021-07-17Backgrounds: Fix bad list operation in CB_ConfigureDelBG()Kim Woelders
If ever we would delete the last background in the list we would get a segv. However, this will never occur as the None background is always the last in the list and we will never delete it. This can be a bit difficult to comprehend for static analysis tools so eliminate the offending list operation.
2021-07-17Groups: Avoid compiler warning in _DlgFillGroups()Kim Woelders
Enabling LTO appears to generate a warning. However, if num_groups is 0 we will never go here.
2021-07-15Drop animation in EwinSlideSizeTo() if there is no changeKim Woelders
2021-07-15Focus: Debug tweaksKim Woelders
2021-07-15Focus: Fix focus on new clients requesting max sizeKim Woelders
2021-06-03autofoo: Deal a bit more consistently with C[PP]FLAGS and LDADDKim Woelders
2021-05-28French translation update (Philippe J. Guillaumie/Carla Sensa)Kim Woelders
2021-05-07Fix bad memory access during shutdownKim Woelders
Bad idea to use a pointer into a realloced array..
2021-05-07FX: Use xrender when availableKim Woelders
Maybe slightly faster. Mostly for fun.
2021-05-07FX: Fix cleanup with compositing enabledKim Woelders
2021-05-07FX: Fix clipping with compositing enabledKim Woelders
2021-05-07FX: Make it work in regular compositing modeKim Woelders
2021-05-07FX: TweaksKim Woelders
2021-05-07FX: Some refactoringKim Woelders
No functional changes, preparing for other stuff.
2021-05-07FX: Fix waves cleanupKim Woelders
2021-05-07FX: Remove "correct bugs" operation in wavesKim Woelders
Not sure what was intended. The operation specifies a source area outside the pixmap.
2021-05-07Introduce HAVE_COMPOSITE_OVERLAY_WINDOWKim Woelders