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ConnMan User Interface in EFL

*** You don't NEED this. Enlightenment has all you need day to day ***


* Python-Elementary >= 1.7.0
* Python-E_DBus >= 1.7.0
* Python >= 2.7


Executing econnman without arguments will start it WITHOUT the agent
support. Any requested interaction will be left to existing agents, if
any. This means that if you need to input passwords, it will use
another agent.

If you do not have another agent and need to type in passwords, then
start econnman with the agent support:

econnman-bin --agent


This package uses automake, so execute:


./configure --prefix=/usr --localstatedir=/var
make all


make install
chown root:users /var/lib/connman/econnman.config
chmod g+w /var/lib/connman/econnman.config

If you wish to install at alternative locations, then make sure to
configure your PYTHONPATH to be able to access this location!