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* @defgroup Multibuttonentry Multibuttonentry
* @ingroup Elementary
* @image html multibuttonentry_inheritance_tree.png
* @image latex multibuttonentry_inheritance_tree.eps
* A multi-button entry is a widget letting a user enter text and
* each chunk of text managed as a set of buttons. Each text button is
* inserted by pressing the "return" key. If there is no space in the
* current row, a new button is added to the next row. When a text
* button is pressed, it will become focused. Backspace removes the
* focus. When the multi-button entry loses focus, items longer than
* one line are shrunk to one line.
* The typical use case of multi-button entry is composing
* emails/messages to a group of addresses, each of which is an item
* that can be clicked for further actions.
* This widget inherits from the @ref Elm_Layout one, so that all the
* functions acting on it also work for multi-button entry objects (since 1.8).
* This widget emits the following signals, besides the ones sent from
* @ref Elm_Layout :
* - @c "item,selected" - this is called when an item is selected by
* api, user interaction, and etc. this is also called when a
* user press back space while cursor is on the first field of
* entry.
* - @c "item,added" - when a new multi-button entry item is added.
* - @c "item,deleted" - when a multi-button entry item is deleted.
* - @c "item,clicked" - this is called when an item is clicked by user
* interaction. Both "item,selected" and "item,clicked" are needed.
* - @c "item,longpressed" - when multi-button entry item is pressed for a long time.
* - @c "clicked" - when multi-button entry is clicked.
* - @c "focused" - when multi-button entry is focused.
* - @c "unfocused" - when multi-button entry is unfocused.
* - @c "expanded" - when multi-button entry is expanded.
* - @c "contracted" - when multi-button entry is contracted.
* - @c "expand,state,changed" - when shrink mode state of
* multi-button entry is changed.
* Default text parts of the multi-button entry widget that you can use are:
* @li "default" - A label of the multi-button entry
* Default text parts of multi-button entry @b items that you can use are:
* @li "default" - A label of the multi-button entry item
* Supported elm_object_item common APIs.
* @li @ref elm_object_item_del
* @li @ref elm_object_item_part_text_set
* @li @ref elm_object_item_part_text_get
* @addtogroup Multibuttonentry
* @{
#include "elc_multibuttonentry_common.h"
#include "elc_multibuttonentry_legacy.h"
* @}