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2009-07-14 22:02:37 -07:00
* documentation (based on python bindings)
* Ethumb
* Ethumb_Client
* memory handling:
* zero pointer parameters before failing on SAFETY macros (file_get, etc)
* Ethumb_Client:
* call free_data() on clear() and queue_remove()
* check other places to ensure free_data() on requests.
* disconnect() should cancel everything, regardless of being connected
* disconnect() cannot call clear() as it is asynchronous (maybe block?)
* disconnect() should cancel all clear_pending
* callback:
* const void *data on function registration, cast when call.
* give generated_cb the Ethumb_Client parameter.
* unit tests, be them in C or Python, covering:
* thumbnail generation respect parameters (size, format...)
* respect fdo standards (hash, location, etc, uri with spaces...)
* server died recovery, just add timeout and kill server before expires
* examples:
* simple client example in C, see 01-simple.py
* error handling, including reconnection.