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Efreet 1.3.0
Changes since Efreet 1.2.0:
* Faster mime type loading.
Efreet 1.2.0
2011-11-14 03:40:15 -08:00
Changes since Efreet 1.1.0:
* use eina_file_direct_ls() instead of opendir().
* compilation warnings fixed.
* documentation improvements/fixes
2011-11-14 03:40:15 -08:00
Changes since Efreet 1.0.0:
* when you have an empty <Name></Name> in a menu
* tests don't do clearenv when it is not available
* memory leak fixed in cache icon retrieval
* check for NULL dirs in caches
* check for theme change when rebuilding cache
* leak in efreet_mime_type_icon_get
* reset log domain to -1 on unregister
* clear memory cache when closing eet file
* fixed documentation
* remove EAPI from efreet_home_dir_get as it wasn't exported in .h's
* don't leak hashes on init error
* no more memleak in desktop cache creation
* fixed uri encoding when opening files
* added temporary memory cache for eet file data
* always use icon cache
* faster string comapre with poter equality for strings
* local log domains per file
* remove exess init functions for xml
* stop creating cache dir multiple times
* change ownership of cache files to calling user
* fast path for "*" pattern match
* delay cache creation with a timer to avoid storms
* always rebuild cache from 0 when needed and be more correct
* store cache change flags in update file and propagate to update event