edje: backward-compatible to "BLOCK_HANDLE" select_mode.

From: Alex Wu <zhiwen.wu@linux.intel.com>

SVN revision: 75783
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Alex Wu 2012-08-28 12:19:14 +00:00 committed by Eduardo de Barros Lima
parent aef9e7497c
commit 0521b43310
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@ -3617,6 +3617,7 @@ st_collections_group_parts_part_entry_mode(void)
@li EXPLICIT mode requires the application
controlling the edje object has to explicitly begin and end selection
modes, and the selection itself is dragable at both ends.
@li BLOCK_HANDLE mode is the same as DEFAULT, it is for backward-compatibility.
static void
@ -3627,6 +3628,7 @@ st_collections_group_parts_part_select_mode(void)
current_part->select_mode = parse_enum(0,