elementary/flip - revise the test code.

now flip go works with the current selected item.
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ChunEon Park 2013-11-26 13:02:25 +09:00
parent 659a91a7ac
commit 08357595c5
1 changed files with 14 additions and 4 deletions

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@ -3,7 +3,6 @@
#include <Elementary.h>
my_fl_1(void *data, Evas_Object *obj EINA_UNUSED, void *event_info EINA_UNUSED)
@ -492,13 +491,24 @@ test_flip3(void *data EINA_UNUSED, Evas_Object *obj EINA_UNUSED, void *event_inf
static void
my_fl_go(void *data, Evas_Object *obj EINA_UNUSED, void *event_info EINA_UNUSED)
Evas_Object *win = data;
Evas_Object *rdg = evas_object_data_get(win, "rdg");
Evas_Object *rd = elm_radio_selected_object_get(rdg);
Evas_Object *fl = evas_object_data_get(win, "fl");
elm_flip_go(fl, ELM_FLIP_PAGE_LEFT);
const char *text = elm_object_text_get(rd);
if (!text) return;
if (!strcmp(text, "Rotate"))
else if (!strcmp(text, "Cube"))
elm_flip_go(fl, ELM_FLIP_CUBE_RIGHT);
else if (!strcmp(text, "Page"))
elm_flip_go(fl, ELM_FLIP_PAGE_RIGHT);
static void
@ -611,7 +621,7 @@ test_flip4(void *data EINA_UNUSED, Evas_Object *obj EINA_UNUSED, void *event_inf
evas_object_smart_callback_add(rd, "changed", my_fl_ch, win);
bt = elm_button_add(win);
elm_object_text_set(bt, "Flip page");
elm_object_text_set(bt, "Flip Go");
evas_object_smart_callback_add(bt, "clicked", my_fl_go, win);
evas_object_size_hint_align_set(bt, EVAS_HINT_FILL, EVAS_HINT_FILL);
evas_object_size_hint_weight_set(bt, EVAS_HINT_EXPAND, 0.0);