ecore: add Ecore_IMF doxygen link in Ecore Documentation

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Jihoon Kim 2012-07-28 09:25:23 +00:00
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@ -24,6 +24,10 @@
@li @ref Ecore_Con_Group
@li @ref Ecore_Evas_Group
@li @ref Ecore_FB_Group
@li @ref Ecore_IMF_Lib_Group
@li @ref Ecore_IMF_Context_Group
@li @ref Ecore_IMF_Context_Module_Group
@li @ref Ecore_IMF_Evas_Group
@li @link Ecore_Ipc.h Ecore_IPC - Inter Process Communication functions. @endlink
@li @link Ecore_X.h Ecore_X - X Windows System wrapper. @endlink
@li @ref Ecore_Win32_Group