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Ethumb - Thumbnail generation library
* create thumbnails with a predefined frame (possibly an edje frame);
* have an option to create fdo-like thumbnails;
* have a client/server utility.
It's possible to set the following properties of thumbnails:
* size
* format (jpeg, png, eet...)
* aspect:
* have crop?
* crop alignment?
* video:
* video_time
* document:
* page
* frame: edje file, group and swallow part to use when generating
* directory: directory where to save thumbnails
* category: to be used as DIRECTORY/CATEGORY/md5.format
Path generation should provide the following:
* If no path to save the thumbnail is specified, the following is used:
* if CATEGORY, return ~/.thumbnail/CATEGORY/md5.format
* else if size (128x128 or 256x256), format (png), aspect (keep
aspect, no crop) and no frame matches, return
* else return WxH-FORMAT-[framed-]ASPECT
Client server provides the following:
* multiple client support
* per-client configuration, avoid exchanging parameters over and over
* per-client queue, when client disconnect (ie: dies), remove whole
* all clients have same priority, so queue is mixed for processing
* cancel thumb generation request
* communication over (for now) dbus and (future) ecore-ipc and unix
* interface of client library is independent of the communication
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