themes: add AUTHORS

This use the infrastructure of Edje to set the AUTHORS of the theme. It now
make sense to track who did contribute to the theme only. Maybe we could use
those information into Enlightenment About Theme dialog.
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Cedric BAIL 2014-03-06 16:43:47 +09:00
parent 2d4b6cd81b
commit 2e457c1682
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include ../../
EDJE_CC_FLAGS += -id $(top_srcdir)/data/themes/img -fd $(top_srcdir)/data/themes/fnt -sd $(top_srcdir)/data/themes/snd -l $(top_srcdir)/COPYING
EDJE_CC_FLAGS += -id $(top_srcdir)/data/themes/img -fd $(top_srcdir)/data/themes/fnt -sd $(top_srcdir)/data/themes/snd -l $(top_srcdir)/COPYING -a $(top_srcdir)/AUTHORS
filesdir = $(datadir)/elementary/themes
files_DATA = default.edj