edbus: do not crash when dispatching signals

Make sure the next signal handler for the connection is always known and
not vanish under us.

Patch by: Ulisses Furquim <ulisses@profusion.mobi>

SVN revision: 81847
This commit is contained in:
Ulisses Furquim 2012-12-28 21:05:57 +00:00 committed by Lucas De Marchi
parent 489bbff765
commit 4f6a4e59a4
1 changed files with 16 additions and 4 deletions

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@ -765,13 +765,12 @@ cb_dispatch_status(DBusConnection *dbus_conn, DBusDispatchStatus new_status, voi
static void
cb_signal_dispatcher(EDBus_Connection *conn, DBusMessage *msg)
EDBus_Signal_Handler *sh;
DBusMessageIter iter;
int counter;
char *arg_msg;
EDBus_Message *edbus_msg;
Signal_Argument *arg;
Eina_Inlist *safe_list;
Eina_Inlist *next;
edbus_msg = edbus_message_new(EINA_FALSE);
@ -781,10 +780,20 @@ cb_signal_dispatcher(EDBus_Connection *conn, DBusMessage *msg)
EINA_INLIST_FOREACH_SAFE(conn->signal_handlers, safe_list, sh)
* Do the walking open-coded so we don't crash if a callback
* removes other signal handlers from the list and we don't own
* yet a reference to them.
next = conn->signal_handlers;
while (next != NULL)
EDBus_Signal_Handler *sh;
int type = 0;
sh = EINA_INLIST_CONTAINER_GET(next, EDBus_Signal_Handler);
next = next->next;
if (sh->dangling) continue;
if (sh->sender)
@ -818,11 +827,14 @@ cb_signal_dispatcher(EDBus_Connection *conn, DBusMessage *msg)
sh->cb((void *)sh->cb_data, edbus_msg);
/* update next signal handler because the list may have changed */
next = EINA_INLIST_GET(sh)->next;
* Rewind iterator so another signal handler matching the same signal
* can iterate over it.