EPhysics: improve log msgs a bit and remove annoying one

Print world and bodies pointers so it's possible to track them.
And remove annoying "step" debug msg.

SVN revision: 73246
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Bruno Dilly 2012-07-03 23:21:11 +00:00
parent 9d0b63143b
commit 4fe7f69cd4
2 changed files with 10 additions and 12 deletions

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@ -149,8 +149,8 @@ _ephysics_body_geometry_set(EPhysics_Body *body, Evas_Coord x, Evas_Coord y, Eva
DBG("Body position changed to %lf, %lf.", mx, my);
DBG("Body scale changed to %lf, %lf.", sx, sy);
DBG("Body %p position changed to %lf, %lf.", body, mx, my);
DBG("Body %p scale changed to %lf, %lf.", body, sx, sy);
static void
@ -283,7 +283,7 @@ ephysics_body_circle_add(EPhysics_World *world)
return NULL;
INF("Circle body added.");
INF("Circle body added: %p.", body);
return body;
@ -315,7 +315,7 @@ ephysics_body_box_add(EPhysics_World *world)
return NULL;
INF("Box body added.");
INF("Box body added: %p.", body);
return body;
@ -432,7 +432,7 @@ ephysics_body_del(EPhysics_Body *body)
ephysics_world_body_del(body->world, body, body->rigid_body);
INF("Body deleted.");
INF("Body %p deleted.", body);
EAPI void
@ -559,7 +559,7 @@ ephysics_body_mass_set(EPhysics_Body *body, double mass)
body->rigid_body->setMassProps(mass, inertia);
DBG("Body mass changed to %lf.", mass);
DBG("Body %p mass changed to %lf.", body, mass);
EAPI double

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@ -91,8 +91,6 @@ _simulate_worlds(void *data)
double time_now;
void *ldata;
EINA_LIST_FOREACH(lworlds, l, ldata)
double time_now, delta;
@ -303,7 +301,7 @@ ephysics_world_new(void)
if (!_anim_simulate)
_anim_simulate = ecore_animator_add(_simulate_worlds, _worlds);
INF("World added.");
INF("World %p added.", world);
return world;
@ -357,7 +355,7 @@ ephysics_world_serialize(const EPhysics_World *world, const char *path)
delete serializer;
INF("Serialization written to file: %s.", path);
INF("Serialization of world %p written to file: %s.", world, path);
return EINA_TRUE;
@ -403,7 +401,7 @@ ephysics_world_del(EPhysics_World *world)
delete world->broadphase;
INF("World deleted.");
INF("World %p deleted.", world);
EAPI void
@ -470,7 +468,7 @@ ephysics_world_gravity_set(EPhysics_World *world, double gx, double gy)
world->dynamics_world->setGravity(btVector3(gx / world->rate,
-gy / world->rate, 0));
DBG("World gravity set to X:%lf, Y:%lf.", gx, gy);
DBG("World %p gravity set to X:%lf, Y:%lf.", world, gx, gy);
EAPI void