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@mainpage Ecore
@version 1.1
@date 2000-2011
@date 2000-2012
Please see the @ref authors page for contact details.
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pkgconfig (.pc) files are installed for every ecore module.
Thus, to compile using any of them, you can use something like the following:
gcc *.c $(pkg-config ecore ecore-$x ecore-$y [...] --cflags --libs)
gcc *.c $(pkg-config ecore ecore-$x ecore-$y [...] --cflags --libs)
@section install How is it installed?
Suggested configure options for evas for a Linux desktop X display:
Suggested configure options for ecore for a Linux desktop X display
with OpenGL and Software support, communication (networking) and
IPC (inter process communication):
./configure \
su -
make install
./configure \
--enable-ecore-con \
--enable-ecore-ipc \
--enable-ecore-file \
--enable-ecore-input \
--enable-ecore-input-evas \
--enable-ecore-x \
--enable-ecore-evas \
--enable-ecore-evas-software-buffer \
--enable-ecore-evas-software-x11 \
sudo make install