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@author Jonathan Atton (Watchwolf) <jonathan.atton@gmail.com>
@author Brian Wang <brian.wang.0721@gmail.com>
@author Mike Blumenkrantz (zmike) <mike@zentific.com>
@author Saumsung Electronics <tbd>
@author Samsung Electronics <tbd>
@author Samsung SAIT <tbd>
@author Brett Nash <nash@nash.id.au>
@author Bruno Dilly <bdilly@profusion.mobi>
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@author Fabiano Fidêncio <fidencio@profusion.mobi>
@author Tiago Falcão <tiago@profusion.mobi>
@author Otavio Pontes <otavio@profusion.mobi>
@author Viktor Kojouharov <vkojouharov@gmail.com>
@author Daniel Juyung Seo (SeoZ) <juyung.seo@samsung.com> <seojuyung2@gmail.com>
@date 2008-2010
@section intro What is Elementary?