Ethumb: Patch that fixes:

warning: Tag `DETAILS_AT_TOP' at line 163 of file Doxyfile has become obsolete.
To avoid this warning please update your configuration file using "doxygen -u"
/tmp/ethumb/src/lib/client/ethumb_client.c:1597: warning: argument 'f' of command @param is not found in the argument list of ethumb_client_orientation_set(Ethumb_Client *client, Ethumb_Thumb_Orientation o)
/tmp/ethumb/src/lib/client/ethumb_client.c:1597: warning: The following parameters of ethumb_client_orientation_set(Ethumb_Client *client, Ethumb_Thumb_Orientation o) are not documented:
 parameter 'o'
/tmp/ethumb/src/lib/client/ethumb_client.c:1752: warning: return type of member ethumb_client_frame_set is not documented

Patch by Jérôme Pinot

SVN revision: 69826
This commit is contained in:
Vincent Torri 2012-04-01 05:33:25 +00:00
parent 2290893f44
commit 6ce3dfc3e3
2 changed files with 3 additions and 8 deletions

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@ -155,13 +155,6 @@ QT_AUTOBRIEF = NO
# If the DETAILS_AT_TOP tag is set to YES then Doxygen
# will output the detailed description near the top, like JavaDoc.
# If set to NO, the detailed description appears after the member
# documentation.
# If the INHERIT_DOCS tag is set to YES (the default) then an undocumented
# member inherits the documentation from any documented member that it
# re-implements.

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@ -1603,7 +1603,7 @@ ethumb_client_aspect_get(const Ethumb_Client *client)
* @param client the client instance to use. Must @b not be @c
* NULL. May be pending connected (can be called before @c
* connected_cb)
* @param f format identifier to use, either #ETHUMB_THUMB_ORIENT_NONE (0),
* @param o format identifier to use, either #ETHUMB_THUMB_ORIENT_NONE (0),
@ -1764,6 +1764,8 @@ ethumb_client_compress_get(const Ethumb_Client *client)
* @param file file path to edje.
* @param group group inside edje to use.
* @param swallow name of swallow part.
* @return @c EINA_TRUE on success, @c EINA_FALSE on failure.
EAPI Eina_Bool
ethumb_client_frame_set(Ethumb_Client *client, const char *file, const char *group, const char *swallow)