EPhysics: get rid of soft_data

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <dorileo@profusion.mobi>

SVN revision: 79055
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Leandro Dorileo 2012-11-09 18:58:38 +00:00 committed by Bruno Dilly
parent 620a0a1ac7
commit 8fa96610bb
1 changed files with 0 additions and 2 deletions

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@ -53,7 +53,6 @@ typedef struct _EPhysics_Body_Center_Mass EPhysics_Body_Center_Mass;
typedef struct _EPhysics_Body_Size EPhysics_Body_Size;
typedef struct _EPhysics_Point EPhysics_Point;
typedef struct _EPhysics_Dragging_Data EPhysics_Dragging_Data;
typedef struct _EPhysics_Body_Soft_Body_Data EPhysics_Body_Soft_Body_Data;
typedef enum _EPhysics_Body_Shape
@ -144,7 +143,6 @@ struct _EPhysics_Body {
int cloth_rows;
int material_index;
int collision_cb;
EPhysics_Body_Soft_Body_Data *soft_data;
EPhysics_Dragging_Data dragging_data;
Eina_Bool active:1;