From: Daniel Juyung Seo <>

Subject: [E-devel]  [Patch] embryo documentation fix

I made a patch for embryo documentation.

The name of Small programming language was renamed to Pawn.
I modified embryo documentation according to that change.

SVN revision: 55682
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Daniel Juyung Seo 2010-12-21 07:23:03 +00:00 committed by Carsten Haitzler
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commit 9f65268566
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@ -23,7 +23,12 @@ compiled by the included compiler, @c embryo_cc. It is mostly a cleaned
up and smaller version of the original Small abstract machine. The
compiler is mostly untouched.
For more information about the Small language, see @ref Small_Page.
Small was renamed to Pawn.
For more information about the Pawn language, see
@htmlonly <a href=>Pawn</a>
@latexonly @endlatexonly
For the basics about the Small language, see @ref Small_Page.
@section How_to_Use How to Use Embryo?
@ -45,10 +50,7 @@ To use Embryo in your code, you need to do at least the following:
@page Small_Page Brief Introduction to Small
This section describes the basics of Small, as compiled and interpreted
with Embryo. For the full documentation, of which this is a summary, see
@htmlonly <a href=>Small Language Booklet</a>
@latexonly @endlatexonly
with Embryo.
This summary assumes that you are familar with C. For a full list of
differences between C and Small, again, see the full documentation.