Elementary text-ctxpopup: Enabled scrolling for the last ctxpopup test so it'll also work on small screens. Patch by ChunEon Park (Hermet).

SVN revision: 56669
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Tom Hacohen 2011-02-03 08:23:19 +00:00
parent 1ebde68407
commit a22d8668a5
1 changed files with 17 additions and 4 deletions

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@ -118,15 +118,28 @@ _list_item_cb4(void *data __UNUSED__, Evas_Object *obj __UNUSED__, void *event_i
static void
_list_item_cb5(void *data __UNUSED__, Evas_Object *obj __UNUSED__, void *event_info __UNUSED__)
Evas_Object *ctxpopup, *btn;
Evas_Object *ctxpopup, *btn, *sc, *bx;
Evas_Coord x,y;
btn = elm_button_add(obj);
bx = elm_box_add(obj);
evas_object_size_hint_min_set(bx, 150, 150);
sc = elm_scroller_add(bx);
elm_scroller_bounce_set(sc, EINA_FALSE, EINA_TRUE);
evas_object_size_hint_fill_set(sc, EVAS_HINT_FILL, EVAS_HINT_FILL);
evas_object_size_hint_weight_set(sc, EVAS_HINT_EXPAND, EVAS_HINT_EXPAND);
btn = elm_button_add(sc);
elm_button_label_set(btn, "Enlightenment");
evas_object_size_hint_min_set(btn, 150, 150);
evas_object_size_hint_min_set(btn, 140, 140);
elm_scroller_content_set(sc, btn);
elm_box_pack_end(bx, sc);
ctxpopup = elm_ctxpopup_add(obj);
elm_ctxpopup_content_set(ctxpopup, btn);
elm_ctxpopup_content_set(ctxpopup, bx);
evas_pointer_output_xy_get(evas_object_evas_get(obj), &x, &y);
evas_object_move(ctxpopup, x, y);