eeze: Also give the eeze_sensor_test example a bit more comments.

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Stefan Schmidt 11 years ago
parent a3269e66fe
commit a94b021f17
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@ -54,17 +54,28 @@ main(void)
int acc;
unsigned long long timestamp;
/* Init the subsystems we use to make sure they are ready to use. */
printf("=== Test sync reads: ===\n");
/* Create a new sensor object from the type MAGNETIC. We will operate on this
* object to get data out of the sensor */
sens = eeze_sensor_new(EEZE_SENSOR_TYPE_MAGNETIC);
if (sens)
/* Request the actual sensor data from the object. A magnetic sensor
* has three data points so we have to use the xyz function. The data
* could be cached from the last read so better also get the timestamp
* when the data got read form the physical sensor. */
if (!eeze_sensor_xyz_get(sens, &x, &y, &z)) printf("fail get xyz\n");
/* Get the accurancy of the reading. Not all sensors support this. */
if (!eeze_sensor_accuracy_get(sens, &acc)) printf("fail get accuracy\n");
/* Here we read the timestamp the data was read out from the physical
* sensor. Can be used to detect how old the readout it.*/
if (!eeze_sensor_timestamp_get(sens, &timestamp)) printf("fail get timestamp\n");
printf("Magnetic output: accuracy %i, x %f, y %f, z %f at time: %lli\n", acc, x, y, z, timestamp);
/* Free the sensor when we do not longer use it. */
@ -129,7 +140,10 @@ main(void)
printf("Could not find a light sensor!\n");
/* Get updated values on a sensor. Read out is synchronous */
/* Get updated values on a sensor. This readout is synchronous. This way we
* can force a read out of the physical sensor instead of using the cached
* values. Depending on the hardware this can take a long time. If you don't have special
* requirements the cached values should be used. */
if (!sens) printf("can't find an light sensor!\n");
if (!eeze_sensor_x_get(sens, &x)) printf("fail get x\n");
@ -139,8 +153,8 @@ main(void)
printf("=== Test async reads / events: ===\n");
/* Async read request for sensors. You have to register an event handler for it first and then
* request the read out */
/* Async read request for sensors. You have to register an event handler for
* it first and then request the readout */
ecore_event_handler_add(EEZE_SENSOR_EVENT_ACCELEROMETER, event_cb, NULL);
sens = eeze_sensor_new(EEZE_SENSOR_TYPE_ACCELEROMETER);
eeze_sensor_async_read(sens, NULL);