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* @file Eeze_Sensor.h
* @brief Sensor information
* @brief Sensor information subsystem
* Eeze sensor functions allow you to gather sensor information from different
* sensor sources available on the hardware. It supports a plugin architecture
* sensor sources available on your hardware. It supports a plugin architecture
* to support different hardware platforms and devices. These plugins can be
* loaded at runtime to allow support for a specific set of hardware or
* platform.
* loaded at runtime.
* Right now we have support for the Tizen sensor framework as well as a simple
* fake plugin to be used as a test harness for developing.
* fake plugin to be used as a test harness for development. Plugins for other
* sensor frameworks or platforms are always welcome.
* Synchronous as well as asynchronous reads are possible. As reading the
* physical sensor might be bound to a high latency and thus cost the value of
* the last read is cached within Eeze_Sensor together with a timestamp of the
* actual read out. This can speed up the value access for application while the
* values are still getting updating asynchronously in the background. The
* timestamp should be checked if the specific time requirements are needed.
* As an alternative the sensor could be read synchronously. With the
* disadvantage that the function call will block until the data is read from
* the sensor.
* @since 1.8