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Help Cmake build system come true by helping with the following
tasks. Most of them can be done on top of autotools only, then we'll
catch-up with the cmake parts.
General (non-CMake specific) Tasks:
- move each target (binary, lib, test) to its own directory, example:
src/lib/efreet contains efreet_mime and efreet_trash in addition to
efreet. Create src/lib/efreet_mime and src/lib/efreet_trash.
It also applies to tests (ie: src/tests/ector which contains both
ector_suite and cxx_compile_test), in the case of binaries and
tests make sure to contain them in the library folder:
src/tests/ector should then contain 2 folders, one for each
test. Another one is src/tests/eo, which contains lots of
stand-alone tests in addition to eo_suite.
- uniform installation (and lookup!) of modules, like
lib/evas/modules/engines/NAME/v-1.18/ versus
lib/ecore/system/NAME/v-1.18/ (missing 'modules/')
lib/ecore_evas/engines/NAME/v-1.18/ (missing 'modules/')
- uniform module enable variables:
{LIB}_MODULE_TYPE_{SCOPE}_{MODNAME}_STATIC (static/built-in, with scope)
{LIB}_MODULE_TYPE_{SCOPE}_{MODNAME}_DYNAMIC (dynamic, with scope)
{LIB}_MODULE_TYPE_{MODNAME}_STATIC (static/built-in, no scope)
{LIB}_MODULE_TYPE_{MODNAME}_DYNAMIC (dynamic, no scope)
As this will make clear we're dealing with modules and their scope
(if any, things like Ecore_IMF have no module scope).
CMake Tasks:
- add src/lib/NAME/CMakeLists.txt defining SOURCES, PUBLIC_HEADERS,
PUBLIC_LIBRARIES and so on. See src/lib/eina/CMakeLists.txt as an
- add options and dependency detection to cmake/config/NAME.cmake,
see cmake/config/eina.cmake and cmake/config/common.cmake
- add src/modules/NAME/SCOPE/MODNAME/CMakeLists.txt or
src/modules/NAME/MODNAME/CMakeLists.txt (if no module scope). If
single source and no special requiresments (libs, etc), then it
should require no CMakeLists.txt and will be built automatically.
- add src/bin/NAME/CMakeLists.txt (single binary of a lib) or
src/bin/NAME/EXE_NAME/CMakeLists.txt (multiple binaries for a lib).
If single source (one .c), then no CMakeLists.txt should be needed,
see if it's already being built.
- add src/tests/NAME/CMakeLists.txt (single test of a lib) or
src/tests/NAME/EXE_NAME/CMakeLists.txt (multiple tests for a lib).
If single source (one .c), then no CMakeLists.txt should be needed,
see if it's already being built.
Since it's under development, check the code in cmake/helpers/*.cmake,
in particular cmake/helpers/EflMacros.cmake and check the comments and
also fix bugs :-)
Feedback on repetitive tasks and if you spot some