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@ -25,13 +25,12 @@ These routines are used for Ecore Library interaction
Ecore is a library of convenience functions.
The Ecore library provides the following modules:
@li @link Ecore.h Ecore - Main Loop Functions. @endlink
@li @link Ecore.h Ecore - Main Loop and Job Functions. @endlink
@li @link Ecore_Con.h Ecore_Con - Connection functions. @endlink
@li @link Ecore_Config.h Ecore_Config - Configuration functions. @endlink
@li @link Ecore_Evas.h Ecore_Evas - Evas convenience functions. @endlink
@li @link Ecore_Fb.h Ecore_FB - Frame buffer convenience functions. @endlink
@li @link Ecore_Ipc.h Ecore_IPC - Inter Process Communication functions. @endlink
@li @link Ecore_Job.h Ecore_Job - Job functions, to be used in the Ecore main loop. @endlink
@li @link Ecore_Txt.h Ecore_Txt - Text encoding conversion. @endlink
@li @link Ecore_X.h Ecore_X - X Windows System wrapper. @endlink