ci: travis: update last jobs from Fedora 29 to 30 docker image

With the specsuite tests fixed now we can see that the build also works
with Fedora 30, so we can update the last missing jobs not having it.

Signed-off-by: Stefan Schmidt <>
Reviewed-by: Marcel Hollerbach <>
Differential Revision:
Stefan Schmidt 4 years ago committed by Marcel Hollerbach
parent 4c15ef65dd
commit f8aa44eef7
  1. 6

@ -52,12 +52,12 @@ jobs:
- os: linux
env: DISTRO=Fedora30 CI_BUILD_TYPE=options-disabled
- os: linux
env: DISTRO=Fedora29 CI_BUILD_TYPE=wayland
env: DISTRO=Fedora30 CI_BUILD_TYPE=wayland
- os: linux
env: DISTRO=Fedora29 CI_BUILD_TYPE=default
env: DISTRO=Fedora30 CI_BUILD_TYPE=default
- os: linux
if: type = cron
env: DISTRO=Fedora29 CI_BUILD_TYPE=release-ready
env: DISTRO=Fedora30 CI_BUILD_TYPE=release-ready
- os: linux
if: type = cron
env: DISTRO=Ubuntu1804