Add suitable scrollbars to desktops.

In this theme scrollbars do not disappear after a timeout, they are dragable,
there are up and down arrows to scroll and the line you see is also clickable
(much like e17 scrollbars). Ah, they also respect finger size hints.

Ok, some of you will want to kill me, others will probably try but I think that
at this moment is much easier to have a separate theme to desktop systems until
we define exactly what are all the theme differences between them.

SVN revision: 54701
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Rafael Fonseca 2010-11-18 19:13:54 +00:00
parent acb1ebb41c
commit f8d24df92f
3 changed files with 1332 additions and 2 deletions

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@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ group "Elm_Config" struct {
value "font_cache" int: 512;
value "finger_size" int: 5;
value "fps" double: 60.0;
value "theme" string: "default";
value "theme" string: "default-desktop";
value "modules" string: "";
value "tooltip_delay" double: 1.0;
value "cursor_engine_only" int: 1;

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@ -5,10 +5,11 @@ EDJE_CC = @edje_cc@
EDJE_FLAGS = -v -id $(top_srcdir)/data/themes -fd $(top_srcdir)/data/themes
filesdir = $(datadir)/elementary/themes
files_DATA = default.edj
files_DATA = default.edj default-desktop.edj
default.edc \
default-desktop.edc \
arrow_down.png \
arrow_up.png \
bar_shine.png \
@ -221,5 +222,10 @@ default.edj: Makefile $(EXTRA_DIST)
$(top_srcdir)/data/themes/default.edc \
default-desktop.edj: Makefile $(EXTRA_DIST)
$(top_srcdir)/data/themes/default-desktop.edc \
rm -f *.edj

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