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@ -2,3 +2,100 @@ Edje 0.0.1
A graphical layout and animation library for animated resizable, compressed and
scalable themes.
Quick start-up guide:
1. You need eet from the HEAD cvs branch (must be up-to-date)
cvs co e17/libs/eet
cd e17/libs/eet
sudo make install
2. You need evas from the HEAD branch built with eet loader support.
cvs co e17/libs/evas
cd e17/libs/evas
./configure \
--enable-software-x11 \
--enable-image-loader-png \
--enable-image-loader-jpeg \
--enable-image-loader-eet \
--enable-cpu-c \
--enable-cpu-mmx \
--enable-cpu-p2-only \
--enable-scale-smooth \
--enable-scale-sample \
--enable-convert-8-rgb-332 \
--enable-convert-8-rgb-666 \
--enable-convert-8-rgb-232 \
--enable-convert-8-rgb-222 \
--enable-convert-8-rgb-221 \
--enable-convert-8-rgb-121 \
--enable-convert-8-rgb-111 \
--enable-convert-16-rgb-565 \
--enable-convert-16-rgb-555 \
--enable-convert-16-rgb-rot-0 \
--enable-convert-16-rgb-rot-90 \
--enable-convert-16-rgb-rot-270 \
--enable-convert-32-rgb-8888 \
--enable-convert-32-rgbx-8888 \
--enable-convert-32-bgr-8888 \
--enable-convert-32-bgrx-8888 \
--enable-convert-32-rgb-rot-0 \
--enable-convert-32-rgb-rot-90 \
sudo make install
3. You need ecore from the SPLIT cvs branch
cvs co -r SPLIT e17/libs/ecore
cd e17/libs/ecore
./configure \
--enable-ecore-x \
--enable-ecore-evas \
--enable-ecore-job \
--enable-ecore-con \
sudo make install
4. You need imlib2 installed. any reelease from 1.0.0 on will do.
5. You already have edje. now build it:
sudo make install
You now want to go test it out. first you'll need to make an edje .eet file.
cd data
Now you can view the edje you just built:
edje ./e_logo.eet test
You can view multilpe files at once with the edje test program:
edje ./e_logo.eet test ./e_logo.eet test ./e_logo.eet test
to view the same one 3 times.
You can read the source fuile that builds the edje .eet file by looking at:
Another test file is also there:
The test file doesn't build anything useful at the moment.