1 Commits (4bc0210bd31ed1de6554441562bd93ea863ee9d9)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 4bc0210bd3 efl: merge efreet. 11 years ago
Sebastian Dransfeld 5fcbbac392 Efreet: Consistent PACKAGE_DATA_DIR 12 years ago
Vincent Torri 2a40bd2c7c put again efreet tests in the source tree 13 years ago
Carsten Haitzler fa14105442 and move efreet tests out of src tree too. 13 years ago
Lucas De Marchi 0a4617ae38 FORMATTING 13 years ago
Sebastian Dransfeld f72d4f9342 Eet cache for efreet desktop 13 years ago
Cedric BAIL 6978e98dc6 * estickies, 14 years ago
Dan Sinclair bc35dd6189 - fix the package paths used in the test files. this makes 19/19 tests pass. 15 years ago
Sebastian Dransfeld d15dcd181c EAPI 16 years ago
doursse 6a7494bba7 remove trailing spaces 16 years ago
Peter Wehrfritz cd20fbc9d9 *API BREAK* see the discussion in the mailing list. misc and e_modules will follow 16 years ago
rephorm 3aed040af1 This isn't correct. 16 years ago
Dan Sinclair 89b58e232d - add test case for incorrect menu name. this currently works correctly. 16 years ago
Sebastian Dransfeld da87c81a3b Fix memleaks. 16 years ago
Sebastian Dransfeld cd5c85a7d2 Function to add a new desktop to an existing menu. 17 years ago
Sebastian Dransfeld 737ca22148 Quick and dirty saving of a Menu. 17 years ago
ningerso 9e363d07e9 Initial import of efreet, an implementation of the freedesktop icon and menu 17 years ago