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Tom Hacohen 5e68a8aa43 Eo: Properly handle tests and their deps in the build system.
SVN revision: 73533
2012-07-10 14:02:08 +00:00
Tom Hacohen d19b940099 Eo: Avoid unneeded copies with kls-itr.
SVN revision: 73532
2012-07-10 14:02:03 +00:00
Tom Hacohen b018d8cfcf Eo: eo_do is much faster now.
I simplified the kls-itr code so there'll be less overhead when doing eo_do.

SVN revision: 73531
2012-07-10 14:02:00 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 52d23bf084 Eo: Slight kls-itr cleanups.
SVN revision: 73530
2012-07-10 14:01:57 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 3018a6a4c4 Eo: Cosmetic changes.
SVN revision: 73529
2012-07-10 14:01:54 +00:00
Tom Hacohen b2adf3424b Eo: Changed the way we construct op ids.
This simplifies the code, and improves the overall speed and memory
Be advised that this breaks ABI, recompile your stuff.

SVN revision: 73528
2012-07-10 14:01:45 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 08e6d4912d Eo: added a version field to the class description.
SVN revision: 73494
2012-07-09 09:09:46 +00:00
David Walter Seikel 57ce7d92db Let it build with cmake 2.8.1 and older.
SVN revision: 73087
2012-07-01 06:25:31 +00:00
Tom Hacohen f5a4d9782e Eo: Removed the const op concept.
Too ambiguous to be worth it...

SVN revision: 72914
2012-06-27 03:58:45 +00:00
Tom Hacohen ed8bec5577 Eo: Fixed wrong kls_itr inits and error message prints.
SVN revision: 72913
2012-06-27 03:58:39 +00:00
Tom Hacohen aa4ee17c19 Eo: Added an eo_isa example.
SVN revision: 72793
2012-06-25 09:07:39 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 1a5199d5d3 Eo: Added a simple example.
SVN revision: 72781
2012-06-25 06:52:08 +00:00
Tom Hacohen ab39c0d399 Eo: Fix return value of eo_do_super to depend on error_set.
And added tests to check it.

SVN revision: 72550
2012-06-20 15:56:17 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 54b9313197 Eo: Fixed eo_isa to work with comp objects and fixed eo_data_get's checks.
eo_data_get() now has correct checks again.
eo_isa now correctly handles composite objects, interfaces and etc.

SVN revision: 72123
2012-06-14 10:29:39 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 487f76b994 Eo: Implemented eo_isa(). It checks if an object implements a class.
This works for class/interface/mixins but not for composite objects.

SVN revision: 72083
2012-06-13 11:39:12 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 3eb70c2b57 Eo: Save both mixins and interfaces, not just mixins.
SVN revision: 72082
2012-06-13 11:39:02 +00:00
Tom Hacohen d099b82f9a Eo: Implement handling of eo_do errors and use it.
I'm now using it for constructor errors as well.

SVN revision: 72081
2012-06-13 11:38:56 +00:00
Tom Hacohen c019546d92 Eo: Actually, no reason why to force inheritance from base class.
You'll be using functionality if you don't but you still don't have to.
It's not perfect though, I still need to make it possible in other

SVN revision: 71934
2012-06-11 07:41:11 +00:00
Tom Hacohen bc42fd3c1e Eo: Force classes to inherit from EO_BASE_CLASS.
SVN revision: 71931
2012-06-11 07:35:02 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 1d3b0bf164 Eo examples: evas_obj -> exevas_obj (example evas).
Fix it not to clash anymore with the Evas work.

SVN revision: 71928
2012-06-11 06:34:46 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 59b2545ded Eo: Fix internal code using eo_composite functions.
SVN revision: 71908
2012-06-10 15:02:49 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 76c8673b1d Eo: eo_composite_object_* -> eo_composite_*.
SVN revision: 71907
2012-06-10 15:02:44 +00:00
Tom Hacohen b122dd0dc5 Eo composite: Reordered parameters and improved docs.
SVN revision: 71906
2012-06-10 14:56:20 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 1fabc3a749 Eo: Removed EINA_CONST.
SVN revision: 71905
2012-06-10 14:56:15 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 32fbb7723c Eo: Restructure source tree to be like the rest of the EFL.
SVN revision: 71904
2012-06-10 14:56:06 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 1aef778d98 Eo: Turn evas example back on.
SVN revision: 71903
2012-06-10 14:13:34 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 786c2b749b Eo: Fixed error message.
SVN revision: 71902
2012-06-10 14:13:30 +00:00
Tom Hacohen c612697a4e Eo: move manual_free functions to the right doc group
SVN revision: 71901
2012-06-10 14:05:00 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 402bad0186 Eo: error when calling constructor/destructor out of context.
SVN revision: 71900
2012-06-10 14:04:58 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 9c929ba2ed Eo: Made constructor/destructor regular ops.
This lets us remove some unneeded code and makes everything nicer.

SVN revision: 71899
2012-06-10 14:04:53 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 281b976687 Eo: Removed "type" property from event/op descriptions.
No use for it ATM, will be added if needed."

SVN revision: 71896
2012-06-10 11:37:26 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 33c71f97aa Eo: Improved error reporting with failed constructors.
SVN revision: 71891
2012-06-10 07:53:46 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 9632a6ef4e Eo: Added a check if object is already deleted in eo_unref.
If an object is manually freed it was possible to ref/unref it so it'll
try to call the destructor again.

SVN revision: 71890
2012-06-10 07:53:43 +00:00
Tom Hacohen ce51bb7a58 Eo: Improved error messages. Show op as hex.
SVN revision: 71803
2012-06-07 11:32:21 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 242d324bba Eo: further improved error reporting with bad func_set.
SVN revision: 71802
2012-06-07 11:32:17 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 03ccd0b0bf Eo: Change the op func sentinel to be safer.
SVN revision: 71800
2012-06-07 11:14:38 +00:00
Tom Hacohen c66f8ee33a Eo: Clean up previous commit a bit.
SVN revision: 71799
2012-06-07 11:14:35 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 669177694a Eo: Print an error if we try setting a function for an illegal op.
SVN revision: 71797
2012-06-07 11:03:22 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 4cd64fc85a Eo: Added some hierarchy reference checks.
Check that objects are freed when they should be freed.

SVN revision: 71795
2012-06-07 10:54:17 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 84d2f4c322 Eo: Made composite objects more robust.
Mark on the object itself if it's composited -> faster.
Remove from composite list if reparented.

SVN revision: 71794
2012-06-07 10:54:15 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 626a12f1d4 Eo: Improved docs.
SVN revision: 71793
2012-06-07 10:54:12 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 27d522514d Eo: Removed redundant reparent.
SVN revision: 71792
2012-06-07 10:54:08 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 657aee840e Eo: added back eo_del.
It's needed for proper object hierarchy handling.

SVN revision: 71775
2012-06-07 07:17:45 +00:00
Tom Hacohen e158149868 Eo: don't reparent if it's the same parent.
SVN revision: 71774
2012-06-07 07:17:42 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 0c32fc3e04 Eo: Fixed error message.
SVN revision: 71747
2012-06-06 11:41:56 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 7c7a6dd1fa Eo: Added a phantom ref if we manual free.
This lets us use eo_do and the such on deleted to be manually freed objects.

SVN revision: 71746
2012-06-06 11:41:53 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 1754ca9608 Eo: Check adding/deleting callbacks from within callbacks doesn't crash.
SVN revision: 71745
2012-06-06 11:41:51 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 143e06b209 Eo: Added eo_parent_set.
SVN revision: 71744
2012-06-06 11:41:47 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 827c2f6dd6 Eo: Moved more saftey checks to release mode only.
SVN revision: 71711
2012-06-05 12:05:08 +00:00
Tom Hacohen a2cdb54d6b Eo: renamed the Magic for freed objects and better handle deleted objects.
Now we differentiate between deleted but not freed vs deleted and freed

SVN revision: 71710
2012-06-05 12:05:06 +00:00