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Minseok Kim 06be3e5ab6 From: Minseok Kim <>
Subject: [E-devel] [E-deve] [Patch] Add new apis for editable set/get
in multibuttonentry

Typically multibuttonentry is used as a composer.
But sometimes, Multibuttonentry can be used as a viewer.
Currently there is no way to use multibuttonentry as non-editable
So I added new APIs which are elm_multibuttonentry_editable_set/get().
If editable is true, entry in multibuttonentry is activated and user can
compose item by pressing the return key.
If not, entry is hidden and muttibuttonentry works as a non-editable

SVN revision: 73223
2012-07-03 11:22:46 +00:00
Artem Popov 281c8480ee From: Artem Popov <>
Subject: [E-devel] Fwd:  [Patch] elm_toolbar add signals patch.

For new style of toolbar (align icon and text to center of item) are
necessary some signals ("elm,state,text,visible",
"elm,state,text,hidden", "elm,state,icon,visible",

 New style for toolbar, where icon and text are align to center of item.

SVN revision: 73028
2012-06-29 10:03:27 +00:00
thiep ha 06f5dda19b From: thiep ha <>
Subject: Re: [E-devel] [Patch] [elm_entry] New APIs for user style

Thank you for your comments.
I would like to send you the modified patch.
Followings are my modification:
- Add my part to ChangeLog, AUTHORS files as Raster's comment.
- Add const to the parameter of elm_entry_text_style_user_peek and
example for pop and peek to test_entry_style_user as Daniel's comment.

SVN revision: 71557
2012-05-30 12:18:48 +00:00
Jihoon Kim a6461b31ba elementary: sync with AUTHORS and elm_authors.h
SVN revision: 71432
2012-05-25 23:57:42 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler d02d6f427e add authors entry too
SVN revision: 71382
2012-05-24 04:36:26 +00:00
Davide Andreoli 21495c9d9b uff, why AUTHORS doesnt got in in previous commit?? :/
SVN revision: 70966
2012-05-13 13:16:31 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 1e973cc732 Elm: Fixed Aharon's contact info.
SVN revision: 70907
2012-05-10 10:32:48 +00:00
Cedric BAIL f511684133 eina,evas,edje,elementary: add missing files from tarballs.
Patch by Jérôme Pinot <>

SVN revision: 70543
2012-04-30 01:55:06 +00:00
Sumanth Krishna Mannam 14df28cdae From: Sumanth Krishna Mannam <>
Subject: [E-devel]  [Patch] Elementary : New widget Elm_datetime patch

Attached to the mail is the patch for new elementary widget elm_datetime.
Refer to the below EFL post history for more details. 

The datetime widget provides an option to display Date & time based on
current locale format and the user can edit them through dynamic Modules.
Dynamic modules can be based on 1. Content Popup/diskselector based
list   2. Elm_entry with ISE based input   3. Elm_Spinner based  etc.
Refer to the Screenshots:  <1.ctxpopup_diskselector_UI>
<2.entry_ise_UI>   <3.spinner_selection_UI>

Can someone review and push this patch to EFL repository?

Change description:
New widget Elm_datetime is added.
Datetime widget displays the Date &Time fields and provides a
customizable way to edit them.
The widget is implemented in a modular fashion for date/time field inputs.
Ctxpopup based input is proposed as the default selection module.
Localization support based on Libc is also supported.

Sign-Off By:  Sumanth M.V.K  <>

SVN revision: 68696
2012-03-05 11:07:05 +00:00
Doyoun Kang d15d98327f From: Doyoun Kang <>
Subject: Add feature for showing/hiding indicator

Hi, raster.
As we discussed about indicator, i added feature for indicator.
Please check attached patch files.

1. elementary
i added enumeration to Elm_Illume_Command as below.

2. ecore
i added atoms/enumerations/APIs as below.

typedef enum _Ecore_X_Illume_Indicator_State
} Ecore_X_Illume_Indicator_State;
EAPI void ecore_x_e_illume_indicator_state_set(Ecore_X_Window win,
Ecore_X_Illume_Indicator_State state);
EAPI Ecore_X_Illume_Indicator_State
ecore_x_e_illume_indicator_state_get(Ecore_X_Window win);
EAPI void ecore_x_e_illume_indicator_state_send(Ecore_X_Window win,
Ecore_X_Illume_Indicator_State state);

SVN revision: 68410
2012-02-24 12:33:11 +00:00
Cedric BAIL da302ac7c7 elementary: propagate drag,set signal to.
patch by Mikael Sans <>

SVN revision: 65776
2011-12-01 11:00:55 +00:00
이고은 6824852f0c elementary: Add multibuttonentry widget

Dear Developers,

I added a new widget called “Multibuttonentry" which could be used as contact button in App
This widget allows a user to insert a text button.
text button is inserted by pressing the "Enter key"
If there is no space in the current row, the new button is entered in the next row. If the button is clicked, it will become focused.
And focused button can be removed by pressing the "backspace" key.
when items are added over 1 lines, if Multibuttonentry lost focus, it becase shrink mode (made it as 1 line)

Please review it's APIs and functionalities.

Thank you,


Widget was originally written by Hyunsil Park <>.
It has been contributed to by the following people:
 * Jihoon Kim <>
 * WooHyun Jung <>
 * <>
 * Myungjae Lee <>
 * Goun Lee <>
 * Mike McCormack <>
 * Daniel Juyung Seo <>
 * Seunggyun Kim <>
 * sanghoon80.cho <>

Signed-off-by: 이고은 <>
Signed-off-by: Mike McCormack <>

SVN revision: 65548
2011-11-24 01:06:26 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz b06935fb7e should probably have my dev id in here with my name...
SVN revision: 65533
2011-11-23 08:49:47 +00:00
Mike Blumenkrantz ba11f8a9a3 change of email address: this is going to be ugly
SVN revision: 65531
2011-11-23 08:40:50 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 5798d18559 duplicate author! fix!
SVN revision: 64853
2011-11-07 05:39:42 +00:00
Bluezery 84f0b47a95 From: Bluezery <>
Subject: [E-devel] [elm_map] ecore_file_download_full() should be used

elm_map only checked that returned job is NULL.
But ecore_file_download_full() returns EINA_FALSE when error occurred.
So return value should be checked for proper usage.
Please review this simple bug fix

SVN revision: 64794
2011-11-06 06:11:57 +00:00
Sanjeev BA d34d507579 Fix merge conflict.
Signed-off-by: Sanjeev BA <>

SVN revision: 64723
2011-11-04 12:12:16 +00:00
Nicolas Aguirre 92b5c29416 elementary: Add my name to the list of authors
SVN revision: 64662
2011-11-02 20:09:11 +00:00
Bluezery 6632d5a21f From: Bluezery <>
Subject: [E-devel] [Patch] elm_map: add image loading error handling

I made a bug fix for elm_map.
When a downloaded image has an error, ,  elm_map removes a file and goes on
just like download succeeded .
However, it is not success, so it should be marked as FALSE for later retry.

SVN revision: 64598
2011-11-01 02:35:40 +00:00
Daniel Juyung Seo 736b2a259d elm: Updated authors in elm.
SVN revision: 63667
2011-09-29 13:21:51 +00:00
Daniel Juyung Seo 5814a8b7cb elm genlist: Fixed elm_genlist_item_insert_after() bug. Patch by
Chanwook Jung <>

From: 정찬욱 []
Sent: Friday, August 19, 2011 4:40 PM
Subject: [E-devel] [Patch] bug in elm_genlist_item_insert_after

Dear developers.

I found the problem when group item is added using
elm_genlist_item_insert_after in genlist.
The new group item is refer to the group item list not item list.
it is inserted in the wrong place.
I modified that if the new group item is inserted, refer to the last
of the after group item.

SVN revision: 62645
2011-08-21 05:27:19 +00:00
WooHyun Jung 48934aeece elementary : Password's last char show feature can be shown by setting
envs (or modifiying base.src). This patch is made by Shilpa :)

SVN revision: 60859
2011-06-30 05:38:57 +00:00
Cedric BAIL 6f4ff6e812 elementary: add elm_gengrid_item_sorted_insert.
Original patch from Thiery.

SVN revision: 60686
2011-06-25 15:39:05 +00:00
ChunEon Park 47c8be3464 hermet - just changed my email address.
SVN revision: 60477
2011-06-18 16:16:28 +00:00
ChunEon Park 5e00fcb19c elementary - just updated AUTHORS
SVN revision: 60414
2011-06-17 00:17:02 +00:00
Sung W. Park 7e01afebe7 From: "Sung W. Park" <>
Subject: Re: [E-devel] [RFC] ELM GLView

Elementary GLview wiedget giving simplified access to do opengl
drawing in a widget in elm so you pretty much do no work to set it up
and just provide a render function to draw the contents when it needs
drawing. Thanks to Sungwoo Park and Samsung

SVN revision: 59909
2011-06-03 07:09:25 +00:00
Michael BOUCHAUD 3fa17a1bcc elementary: fix AUTHORS
SVN revision: 59736
2011-05-27 14:31:41 +00:00
Daniel Juyung Seo 4204583f81 Elementary segment_control: Introduced new widget by Govindaraju and Prince.
Segment Control Widget is a horizontal control made of multiple segment items
together, each segment item is set to equal size, functioning similar to
discrete two state button. Only one segment item can be at selected state.

SVN revision: 58461
2011-04-07 16:44:54 +00:00
cnook 4959de1e63 From: cnook <>
Subject: Re: [E-devel] [Patch] Display more than 3 items

This is Shinwoo Kim, learned that I could contribute to EFL! :)
I'm pleased to inform you that the patch for the "elm_diskselector".

Until now, the "elm_diskselector" only display 3 items at once,
if you accept this patch, the "elm_diskselector" can display more than 3

For this feature, "elm_diskselector_display_item_num_set(Evas_Object *obj,
int num)" is added.
I would like to know more about your opinion about this feature. Thanks.

SVN revision: 58405
2011-04-07 04:54:55 +00:00
Jonathan Atton 54eb05ebd6 elm: add me in authors
SVN revision: 56867
2011-02-09 18:07:28 +00:00
Tom Hacohen 689ff9abd5 Elementary: Added the infrastructure for ui-mirroring support.
* Added elm_mirrored_get/set to set the system mirrored mode
* Added elm_widget_mirrored/get/set to set each widget's mirrored mode.
* Added code to set the system mirrored mode from translations to elementary and added translations for all the rtl languages. (a trick to load according to locale).
* Future commits will include specific widgets mirrored mode handling.
Work by Aharon Hillel and Tom Hacohen.

SVN revision: 56673
2011-02-03 15:52:49 +00:00
Jeonghyun Yun d2a48ca5a5 From: Jeonghyun Yun <>
Subject: [E-devel]  [Patch] elm_genlist multi-touch smart callbacks

I added 6 multi-touch smart callbacks in elm_genlist, please refer to

"multi,sweep,left" - Genlist has been multi-touch swept left.
"multi,sweep,right" - Genlist has been multi-touch swept right.
"multi,sweep,top" - Genlist has been multi-touch swept top.
"multi,sweep,bottom" - Genlist has been multi-touch swept bottom.
"multi,pinch,out" - Genlist has been multi-touch pinched out.
"multi,pinch,in" - Genlist has been multi-touch pinched in.

I think these smart callbacks are very useful for elm_genlist

If this patch have any issue, please let me know.

SVN revision: 55878
2011-01-05 10:28:23 +00:00
Jihoon Kim 6e782c1702 From: Jihoon Kim <>
Subject: [E-devel] elm_map patch for supporting keyboard input

Most of elementary widgets can process keyboard input, but elm_map widget
has not. This patch makes elm_map be able to process keyboard input such as
Left, Right, Up, Down, PgDn, and PgUp key. In addition, map image will be
zoomed in or out when '+' or '-' key in keypad.

Please review it and let me know if there is any problem in this patch.
Merry Christmas!

SVN revision: 55840
2011-01-04 08:45:27 +00:00
Sohyun Kim f99cf1fa94 From: Sohyun Kim <>
Subject: [E-devel] [Patch] elm_bubble theme patch

I'm Sohyun Kim. Nice to meet you.

This is a patch for bubble theme.

The bubble has a region for icon, label and info text. 
However, it has the region, if icon, label and info text are not set.
I modified theme and added edje signals.

1. add edje signal for label and info text state
2. remove text size for label and info text default state
   -> set it on "visible" state
3. add base image state for info text only

SVN revision: 55839
2011-01-04 08:42:55 +00:00
Seunggyun Kim c7fec6cfd3 From: Seunggyun Kim <>
Subject: [E-devel] [Patch] els_scroller momentum_animator and bounce
animator disabled set/get added

This is a patch for momentum_animator and bounce animator
in els_scroller.

I added below api for disabling when the scroller's momentum or bounce
animator need to be disabled in some case.

Eina_Bool elm_smart_scroller_momentum_animator_disabled_get
void elm_smart_scroller_momentum_animator_disabled_set
(Evas_Object *obj, Eina_Bool disabled);
void elm_smart_scroller_bounce_animator_disabled_set
(Evas_Object *obj, Eina_Bool disabled);
Eina_Bool elm_smart_scroller_bounce_animator_disabled_get

SVN revision: 55690
2010-12-21 10:05:18 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 2696d9a740 Rajeev Ranjan(in India) made a patch for elm_button.
Reasons for this patch are as follows. 

1. Clicked signal is emitted from button when mouse release region
with button region and there has not been any drag outside the region
pressed state. (theme change)

2. Unpressed signal is emitted from button every time we press on
button and
unpress it irrespective of whether we unpress in button's region or
(theme change)

3. The unsetting of maximum size hint has been removed from _sizing_eval
function as there is a possibility that some application may set this
and if we unset it then this information set by application will be

4. Modification in test code for button to show the difference between
clicked and unpressed signal emission from this widget. Added a
scroller in
the heirarchy to show the effect of hold on clicked signal emission.

SVN revision: 55687
2010-12-21 09:32:50 +00:00
sangho park 6f63c7bf30 From: sangho park <>
Subject: [E-devel] [Patch] elm_map module patch

This is a patch for elm_map module.
when app developers or companies want to use specific license map (i.e
google map), module is needed.

- add new map provider for module "ELM_MAP_SOURCE_MODULE".
- add test_map module.
- add test code for module provider.
- add my name to AUTHORS.

SVN revision: 55684
2010-12-21 09:14:47 +00:00
Bruno Dilly b18d9d4d55 Add Daniel Juyung Seo to elm AUTHORS
"- I've contributed elm_magnetslider widget.
 - I've added an API and patched elm_genlist."

Fix typo in AUTHORS

By Daniel Juyung Seo (SeoZ) <>

SVN revision: 54499
2010-11-12 13:07:32 +00:00
Viktor Kojouharov 9919cc97ce adding myself to the list, as per raster's approval
SVN revision: 54487
2010-11-12 08:25:17 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 02bb2eca06 as per chuneon's request :)
SVN revision: 54458
2010-11-11 14:59:21 +00:00
Bruno Dilly e6f72e1bd9 Adding Otavio to elm AUTHORS for recent contributions
SVN revision: 54011
2010-10-29 19:00:15 +00:00
Tiago Rezende Campos Falcao 96da91bb0a elm AUTHORS += tiago
SVN revision: 53873
2010-10-25 14:34:18 +00:00
Bruno Dilly 791f91181e Add missing AUTHORS
Description of changes / revisions (not all of them, I just picked some to
explain the names inclusions)

Bruno Dilly <>
edbus -> r42081, r39884, r44581, r40463
python-elementary -> r52765, r52389
edje -> r46548, r49242
editje -> r52520

Fabiano Fidêncio
elementary / python-elementary -> fix elm_<widget>_{icon,content}_set - r49706;
                                  add externals - r{47649,47647,47645}
edje / python-edje -> lot of work on edje_edit

Gustavo Lima Chaves <>
elementary -> added widgets
edje -> lot of work on edje_edit

Helen Fornazier <>
elementary -> elementary key events on widgets
editje -> undo / redo

João Paulo Rechi Vita <>
e_dbus-> r47399 , r47398, r47397, r47336, r47330

Gustavo F. Padovan <>
e_dbus-> r46365-r46373, r47114-r47119

SVN revision: 53682
2010-10-20 16:56:48 +00:00
Leandro Pereira 00c778f00b [Elementary] Implement priority in Elm_Toolbar.
Toolbars can now be scrollable, non-scrollable, or hide icons selectively
according to a priority.  This changed the API slightly, thus

   elm_toolbar_scrollable_set(obj, 1)

Should be

   elm_toolbar_mode_expand_set(obj, ELM_TOOLBAR_EXPAND_SCROLL)

Values for non-scrollable and scrollable remain the same, so if constants
aren't being used, just the function name should be changed.

The new mode, ELM_TOOLBAR_EXPAND_MENU, will create a menu of items when the
space isn't large enough to hold all the items.  Which items will be kept on
the toolbar or which items will be added to the menu is controlled by the
priority of each item: higher ones will be kept if possible, lower ones will
be tratored on the first opportunity.

SVN revision: 53406
2010-10-14 15:27:25 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler fc0705fa49 missing some AUTHORS from patches put in.
rememebr... if your5 name is MISSING here... and you contributed...
and you WANT your name here.. provide it IN your patch... OR remember
to remind us that you are missing...

REMIND US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SVN revision: 53389
2010-10-14 03:51:58 +00:00
Christopher Michael 31ed630554 Update email address across the board.
SVN revision: 51890
2010-09-04 18:32:59 +00:00
Luis Felipe Strano Moraes df04b4704d Adding bdilly and rfonseca to the AUTHORS file.
SVN revision: 51889
2010-09-04 17:24:01 +00:00
Brett Nash eade64e9c2 Add me to authors, and make selection work a bit better.
SVN revision: 49792
2010-06-22 05:12:08 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler fa58ea8625 elm... version too!
SVN revision: 49284
2010-05-29 09:48:05 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 91e01aa86e patch from discomfitor <- check type of widget on api call and return if not
the right type

SVN revision: 47073
2010-03-09 06:15:39 +00:00