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José Roberto de Souza a69f6ce338 edbus: Add edbus_message to/from eina_value examples
Also move properties changed example to this file.

Patch by: José Roberto de Souza  <>

SVN revision: 78550
2012-10-26 18:20:02 +00:00
José Roberto de Souza c256bce151 edbus: Break while if a error happen in message_arguments_set
Patch by: José Roberto de Souza  <>

SVN revision: 78549
2012-10-26 18:19:57 +00:00
José Roberto de Souza 1513705c9b edbus: Parse Eina_Value to edbus_message
Patch by: José Roberto de Souza  <>

SVN revision: 78548
2012-10-26 18:19:52 +00:00
José Roberto de Souza 4f1b905db3 edbus: Add edbus_proxy_properties_changed_callback_add
Patch by: José Roberto de Souza  <>

SVN revision: 78547
2012-10-26 18:19:46 +00:00
José Roberto de Souza e8b9c7d42e edbus: Add edbus_proxy_property_local_get and get_all
Patch by: José Roberto de Souza  <>

SVN revision: 78546
2012-10-26 18:19:42 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi 6f52b71822 edbus: Mark properties_signal to be removed
SVN revision: 78545
2012-10-26 18:19:37 +00:00
José Roberto de Souza c30124d90a edbus: Implementation of EDBUS_PROXY_EVENTS and edbus_proxy_properties_monitor
Patch by: José Roberto de Souza  <>

SVN revision: 78544
2012-10-26 18:19:32 +00:00
José Roberto de Souza 45a5f7e5d5 edbus: Parse EDBus_Message to Eina_Value
Patch by: José Roberto de Souza  <>

SVN revision: 78543
2012-10-26 18:19:25 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi 6fb7d45936 edbus: Fix remaining signature with EDBUS_ARGS({ NULL, NULL })
SVN revision: 78542
2012-10-26 16:46:06 +00:00
José Roberto de Souza b0c6e26b47 edbus: Fix instrospect signature
Patch by: José Roberto de Souza  <>

SVN revision: 78541
2012-10-26 16:45:58 +00:00
Michael BOUCHAUD 6b8370eb78 edje: oops ^^
SVN revision: 78532
2012-10-26 13:17:20 +00:00
ChunEon Park 54624fe95f evas/event - fill the insufficient source events calls funcs.
pain in my ass! 

Still source_mouse_in, source_mouse_out needs to be implemented.

SVN revision: 78531
2012-10-26 12:44:52 +00:00
ChunEon Park c05e3d7d88 evas - eeeeek. my fault.
SVN revision: 78530
2012-10-26 12:36:08 +00:00
ChunEon Park 7f30408237 evas/event - fixed memory leak in multi move
SVN revision: 78528
2012-10-26 12:23:35 +00:00
Vincent Torri aefbd16dea evas: fix maintainer-clean rule
SVN revision: 78520
2012-10-26 10:35:21 +00:00
Michael BOUCHAUD 56f5ad6e4b edje: fix scale set on box and table
SVN revision: 78517
2012-10-26 10:15:35 +00:00
Vincent Torri 5bdb5d3763 merge: add embryo
please check and report problems (not cosmetic ones)

someone should update the file, i don't know that stuff

SVN revision: 78512
2012-10-26 09:01:52 +00:00
Vincent Torri fd2a6181fa embryo: even more simplifications
SVN revision: 78502
2012-10-26 06:44:50 +00:00
ChunEon Park e524d69b78 evas/events - refactoring for optimization events handling (lazy processing)
SVN revision: 78500
2012-10-26 05:52:42 +00:00
ChunEon Park f31332d6be evas/event - don't loop continuosly as possible when event is frozen
SVN revision: 78499
2012-10-26 04:41:59 +00:00
Cedric BAIL 53292d89ca edje: let edje_cc warning get through edje_watch.
SVN revision: 78498
2012-10-26 04:29:58 +00:00
Vincent Torri 9853e8a6a3 Embryo: simplify autotools on Windows
SVN revision: 78496
2012-10-25 22:07:32 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo c636562644 EPhysics: flag - cloth test, remove unneeded

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 78493
2012-10-25 21:55:48 +00:00
Bruno Dilly 54775f34b5 ephysics: fix test "rotating forever"
It should delete timers when evas object is deleted, not when
body is deleted.

SVN revision: 78492
2012-10-25 21:55:35 +00:00
Bruno Dilly 829065f97a ephysics: support disabling stacking based on Z axis
Since now we support movement on Z axis the evas objects
associated to bodies need to be re-stacked to be below / above
each other.

But if Z axis movement is disabled, no cloth is used, ...,
it can be safely disabled, since evas objects won't overlap.
And it will save performance.

SVN revision: 78491
2012-10-25 21:55:23 +00:00
Bruno Dilly 651b562ebd ephysics: docs fixes (missing params / typos)
SVN revision: 78490
2012-10-25 21:55:14 +00:00
Bruno Dilly 8ae0d9af74 ephysics: stack respect body adding order for same z
When bodies have the same z coordinate, the added first will
be below the others.

SVN revision: 78489
2012-10-25 21:55:03 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo 65b9ff36ad EPhysics: make anchors harder
This patch resets the anchors nodes mass proportional to the mesh
size so it becomes harder. For that we also handle the mass resetting
to leave anchors and dragging nodes in their current state.

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 78488
2012-10-25 21:54:55 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo 6eb262cdbb EPhysics: cloth add receives the number of rows and

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 78487
2012-10-25 21:54:48 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo b0bd7beac3 EPhysics: soft body position solver iterations
This patch introduces getters and setters API for setting the
soft body position solver iterations.

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 78486
2012-10-25 21:54:37 +00:00
Bruno Dilly a360657718 ephysics: remove unneeded code from slices init

SVN revision: 78485
2012-10-25 21:54:29 +00:00
Bruno Dilly 3772783cc3 ephysics: fix segfault on restack
SVN revision: 78484
2012-10-25 21:54:22 +00:00
Bruno Dilly 8d4e7bdd62 ephysics: fix soft body slicing
Also, fix evas_object_set on cases when it shouldn't use
evas object geometry.

SVN revision: 78483
2012-10-25 21:54:14 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo 5d3d4978ad EPhysics: soft body geometry get fix
Since every shape has its own implementation for local scaling it`s
better to trust just our selves and hold it for further calculations.

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 78482
2012-10-25 21:54:06 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo 4906b47a59 EPhysics: ephysics_body_move cloth support
Implementation of body moving for cloth bodies.

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 78481
2012-10-25 21:53:59 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo d3097a3db1 EPhysics: implement central impulse apply for cloth

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 78480
2012-10-25 21:53:51 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo 906fff0011 EPhysics: no need to anchor props
Actually for cloth anchors its hardness must always be 0.8.

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 78479
2012-10-25 21:53:44 +00:00
Bruno Dilly 03c52724db ephysics: apply perspective and back face culling on
soft body

SVN revision: 78478
2012-10-25 21:53:37 +00:00
Bruno Dilly 98d327c3b6 ephysics: invert clothes mesh
So objects won't be back-facing the camera.

SVN revision: 78477
2012-10-25 21:53:30 +00:00
Bruno Dilly 3804a911e1 ephysics: support light on soft bodies
SVN revision: 78476
2012-10-25 21:53:23 +00:00
Bruno Dilly b13d5d054f ephysics: let all slice map stuff only on slice apply
Instead of some settings on slice init and others on apply.
It will be required to apply light and other things.

SVN revision: 78475
2012-10-25 21:53:16 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo 755a182add EPhysics: do not call update deleted object
If a body has been marked for deletion do not updated it neither call
its BODY_UPDATE callbacks.

Patch by: Leandro Dorileo <>

SVN revision: 78474
2012-10-25 21:53:08 +00:00
ChunEon Park 045354d679 evas/proxy - rename variables to be shorter.
SVN revision: 78460
2012-10-25 15:24:27 +00:00
ChunEon Park ecc24faf1e evas/events - separate source_events feed functions. need to care more.
SVN revision: 78458
2012-10-25 15:12:54 +00:00
ChunEon Park 26fe925760 evas - updated NEWS and Changelog
SVN revision: 78457
2012-10-25 15:05:06 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 47ad994b03 oops printf--
SVN revision: 78445
2012-10-25 11:31:20 +00:00
Carsten Haitzler 47b7c0f36b fix minor case of the segv's in evas.
SVN revision: 78443
2012-10-25 11:28:12 +00:00
Daniel Zaoui 05031a3631 Fix for elementary_codegen and edje_codegen
Signed-off-by: Daniel Zaoui <>

SVN revision: 78436
2012-10-25 09:56:31 +00:00
Daniel Zaoui d372006da4 Compilation fixes
Signed-off-by: Daniel Zaoui <>

SVN revision: 78435
2012-10-25 09:56:27 +00:00
Cedric BAIL 0827a05a58 evas: give a Warp 10 engine to XPM loader !
NOTE: If anyone know the moron who did think it was a
great idea to make XPM the Freedesktop recommanded 
choice for icons, please give him a huge SPANK for me !

NOTE: There is in fact no reason why CServe2 and default
loader code are not shared. The number of different line
is small. I highly advise we make the effort to merge
them back soon.

SVN revision: 78424
2012-10-25 08:02:31 +00:00