3 Commits (b767e286252dfbd50c2f63a5e7c5202960e7b153)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Mike Blumenkrantz e26db8dea5 elm_map: remove all legacy usage from eo files 4 years ago
Jean-Philippe Andre 824792f09d elm: Major cleanup of EO files 5 years ago
Cedric BAIL c2a1c49ab2 elementary: move all legacy files to their expected new location. 7 years ago
Yossi Kantor 82ad449e56 Eolian: Eo header clean and legacy integration. 9 years ago
Daniel Zaoui 3788c314a5 Eolian: Integration of Map and Map_Pan 9 years ago
Cedric Bail 6907a1fc29 map: fix header split to actually be a split ! 10 years ago
Daniel Zaoui 3b6fa4e0a2 Elementary: Split headers for Map, Menu, Panel, Panes, Photocam, Plug, 10 years ago