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Aron Xu 5973f890aa Add Simplified Chinese translation for efreet
SVN revision: 81571
2012-12-21 19:46:16 +00:00
Jihoon Kim 109f07a72e edje: ecore_imf_context_cursor_position_set don't need to be called when the object is moved
SVN revision: 81540
2012-12-21 11:39:36 +00:00
Stefan Schmidt cf2dd66eab edbus: Fix make distcheck.
SVN revision: 81515
2012-12-21 08:10:17 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi 9183a031be edbus codegen: rename tool and move it to the right dir
SVN revision: 81496
2012-12-20 22:04:11 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi 49d1a4ad4d edbus codegen: fix check for eina + ecore
This way we get a spurious line in configure, resulting in this message:

/home/lucas/p/edbus/configure: line 14196: ecore: command not found

SVN revision: 81495
2012-12-20 22:04:07 +00:00
José Roberto de Souza 29c5ffc21a edbus: Mark instrospectable as dirty when needed
Patch by: José Roberto de Souza  <>

SVN revision: 81494
2012-12-20 22:04:02 +00:00
José Roberto de Souza 2576b1b861 edbus: Fix edbus_proxy_property_set
Fix the function and add support for complex types, in which case a
Eina_Value is expected.

Patch by: José Roberto de Souza  <>

SVN revision: 81493
2012-12-20 21:48:22 +00:00
José Roberto de Souza c86f98d459 edbus codegen: Initial commit
Add codegen tool to generate client code.

Patch by: José Roberto de Souza  <>

SVN revision: 81492
2012-12-20 21:47:20 +00:00
José Roberto de Souza b9b14269c8 edbus: add helper function edbus_message_iter_struct_like_to_eina_value()
Patch by: José Roberto de Souza  <>

SVN revision: 81489
2012-12-20 21:38:15 +00:00
José Roberto de Souza 8cb23c5dfb edbus: add _message_iter_from_eina_value_struct to private header
Patch by: José Roberto de Souza  <>

SVN revision: 81488
2012-12-20 21:38:10 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi 80bdcca7ed edbus: avoid cyclic unref
If we are freeing a EDBUS_Connection_Name its name_owner_changed signal
handler may hold a pointer and try to unref it when deleting the signal
handler. We can't simply make the signal handler hold a reference to the
connection name, otherwise edbus_connection_name_gc will never be
triggered because of cyclic references.

Thus, just set the cn->name_owner_changed->bus to NULL before trying to
delete the signal handler.

Related log found by Lucas Jóia:

==20607== Invalid read of size 4
==20607==    at 0x6FE29EE: edbus_connection_name_gc.isra.3 (edbus_core.c:375)
==20607==    by 0x6FE4287: edbus_connection_unref (edbus_core.c:1028)
==20607==    by 0x4C8D94: e_msgbus_shutdown (e_msgbus.c:167)
==20607==    by 0x436194: _e_main_shutdown (e_main.c:1136)
==20607==    by 0x434F25: main (e_main.c:1074)
==20607==  Address 0x1461ba68 is 24 bytes inside a block of size 64 free'd
==20607==    at 0x4C2A739: free (in /usr/lib/valgrind/
==20607==    by 0x6FF0E78: edbus_signal_handler_unref (edbus_signal_handler.c:269)
==20607==    by 0x6FE2A48: edbus_connection_name_gc.isra.3 (edbus_core.c:384)
==20607==    by 0x6FE4287: edbus_connection_unref (edbus_core.c:1028)
==20607==    by 0x4C8D94: e_msgbus_shutdown (e_msgbus.c:167)
==20607==    by 0x436194: _e_main_shutdown (e_main.c:1136)
==20607==    by 0x434F25: main (e_main.c:1074)

SVN revision: 81463
2012-12-20 14:52:27 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi 83619110f2 edbus: Do not modify cn->names hash while walking it
Bug triggered by Lucas Jóia:

==10042== Invalid read of size 8
==10042==    at 0x6B86626: _eina_rbtree_iterator_next (eina_rbtree.c:165)
==10042==    by 0x6B7228D: _eina_hash_iterator_next (eina_hash.c:622)
==10042==    by 0x6FE41DC: edbus_connection_unref (edbus_core.c:1015)
==10042==    by 0x4C8D94: e_msgbus_shutdown (e_msgbus.c:167)
==10042==    by 0x436194: _e_main_shutdown (e_main.c:1136)
==10042==    by 0x434F25: main (e_main.c:1074)
==10042==  Address 0x15c1b958 is 40 bytes inside a block of size 96 free'd
==10042==    at 0x4C2A739: free (in /usr/lib/valgrind/
==10042==    by 0x6B71CB7: _eina_hash_del_by_hash_el (eina_hash.c:441)
==10042==    by 0x6FE2A1E: edbus_connection_name_gc.isra.2 (edbus_core.c:385)
==10042==    by 0x6FE4217: edbus_connection_unref (edbus_core.c:1026)
==10042==    by 0x4C8D94: e_msgbus_shutdown (e_msgbus.c:167)
==10042==    by 0x436194: _e_main_shutdown (e_main.c:1136)
==10042==    by 0x434F25: main (e_main.c:1074)

SVN revision: 81462
2012-12-20 14:52:21 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi 1cae2f1968 edbus: no need for this auxiliary variables, and check refcount first
SVN revision: 81461
2012-12-20 14:52:15 +00:00
Jihoon Kim af7efb7ad0 edje_entry: check NULL parameter
SVN revision: 81418
2012-12-20 05:07:23 +00:00
Jihoon Kim 5db9286ed2 edje_entry: NULL checking should be processed before accessing
SVN revision: 81417
2012-12-20 02:28:12 +00:00
José Roberto de Souza ad6fdc585a edbus: Remove object path of service if ObjectManager is the last optional iface
Patch by: José Roberto de Souza  <>

SVN revision: 81416
2012-12-20 01:55:47 +00:00
José Roberto de Souza a4327e30ec edbus: Fix undefined ref. to 'EINA_LOG_DOMAIN_GLOBAL' in examples
Patch by: José Roberto de Souza  <>

SVN revision: 81415
2012-12-20 01:55:42 +00:00
José Roberto de Souza ab93f397a7 edbus: Only create one ref of proxys when listen object manager
Patch by: José Roberto de Souza  <>

SVN revision: 81414
2012-12-20 01:55:34 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo 3a22bb3d5b Edje: delete real part object after swallows got handled
Case the real part object(rp->object) is an smart object it start to delete
the whole smart object hierarchy and a child object may be a swallow of this
real part. So just delete the rp->object after swallows got handled.

SVN revision: 81403
2012-12-19 20:09:41 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo 1bcae8fdd4 EPhysics: on velocity example unregister callback on restart
Unregister callback on restart and avoid trying to use an to be deleted

SVN revision: 81401
2012-12-19 20:07:43 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi bb50f86bc5 edbus: (de)yodafy free cb functions
edbus_connection_cb_free_add     -> edbus_connection_free_cb_add
edbus_connection_cb_free_del     -> edbus_connection_free_cb_del
edbus_object_cb_free_add         -> edbus_object_free_cb_add
edbus_object_cb_free_del         -> edbus_object_free_cb_del
edbus_pending_cb_free_add        -> edbus_pending_free_cb_add
edbus_pending_cb_free_del        -> edbus_pending_free_cb_del
edbus_proxy_cb_free_add          -> edbus_proxy_free_cb_add
edbus_proxy_cb_free_del          -> edbus_proxy_free_cb_del
edbus_signal_handler_cb_free_add -> edbus_signal_handler_free_cb_add
edbus_signal_handler_cb_free_del -> edbus_signal_handler_free_cb_del

SVN revision: 81389
2012-12-19 17:30:11 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi dcda0e6610 edbus: Fix leftover unref after edbus_service_signal_send change
SVN revision: 81388
2012-12-19 17:30:03 +00:00
Stefan Schmidt 458066c0c7 edje: Fix memleak in codegen.
Free apiname before we return.

SVN revision: 81335
2012-12-19 09:28:12 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi 6038eeaf47 edbus: unexport edbus_message_signal_new()
Signals need to be sent with edbus_service_signal_emit() -- for basic
messages -- or edbus_service_signal_new() + edbus_service_signal_send --
for complex messages.  Otherwise it's possible to send signals that are
not in the service introspection or that have different signatures by

SVN revision: 81311
2012-12-18 21:38:49 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi 7b2ff200f8 edbus: unref sent signal, also for complex types
SVN revision: 81310
2012-12-18 21:38:43 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi f0538fe576 ethumb: better naming for signal arguments
having the same argument names in a D-Bus signal/method is the equivalent
in C to have a function with this signature:

int my_func(int a, int a, int a, int a);


SVN revision: 81309
2012-12-18 21:35:33 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi bd978c7f33 ethumb: don't use edbus_service_signal_new()
this function is being removed from edbus.

SVN revision: 81308
2012-12-18 21:35:27 +00:00
Leandro Dorileo 1329aad821 EPhysics: add soft body light implementation
Do not use the evas map 3d light util function for every slice and
avoid the unexpected "mosaic" effect.

SVN revision: 81306
2012-12-18 21:15:25 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi 9803c435e0 ethumb: rename edbus functions
SVN revision: 81298
2012-12-18 20:06:25 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi 6b18b0d02d efreet: rename edbus functions
SVN revision: 81296
2012-12-18 20:05:25 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi b98d5f16b3 edbus: rename functions edbus_message{_iter,}_arguments_set
Rename these functions since they do not set the data in the
iterator/message but rather they append the data.

Also improve the documentation of edbus_message_iter_arguments_append()
to clarify its usage.

SVN revision: 81295
2012-12-18 20:05:02 +00:00
Jonas M. Gastal aa826bd0ee efl: Adding Evas doc images.
SVN revision: 81276
2012-12-18 16:15:50 +00:00
Jonas M. Gastal bb27ae726f efl: Adding Ecore doc images.
SVN revision: 81275
2012-12-18 16:13:34 +00:00
Daniel Zaoui f8450a7224 Fix for edje_cc that didn't like insertion of element before the first element
Signed-off-by: Daniel Zaoui <>

SVN revision: 81252
2012-12-18 13:54:02 +00:00
WooHyun Jung ba8b15bcff [edje/edje_entry] Before cursor is moved by mouse_down, imf_context_reset should be called with current cursor position.
SVN revision: 81209
2012-12-18 07:13:58 +00:00
Jihoon Kim 4ebd335973 edje: ecore_imf cursor infomation update is not necessary in focus-out event
SVN revision: 81201
2012-12-18 05:11:09 +00:00
Massimo Maiurana c0f7773fa0 updating esperanto translations
SVN revision: 81195
2012-12-17 23:42:23 +00:00
Eduardo de Barros Lima 70622f2b98 Fix documentation
SVN revision: 81181
2012-12-17 19:57:11 +00:00
José Roberto de Souza 36e5dd2ebc edbus: Fix invalid access memory in edbus_service_interface_unregister()
_object_unregister is called synchronized by libdbus, so when _interface_free() ran
your object its already freed.

==30579== Invalid read of size 4
==30579==    at 0x4775190: _find_object_manager_parent (edbus_service.c:803)
==30579==    by 0x4775292: _interface_free (edbus_service.c:1011)
==30579==    by 0x4777F1D: edbus_service_interface_unregister (edbus_service.c:1101)
==30579==    by 0x40CBD28: elm_dbus_menu_delete (elm_dbus_menu.c:128)
==30579==    by 0x414552F: _elm_menu_smart_del (elm_menu.c:562)
==30579==    by 0x4810F39: _eo_op_internal (eo.c:363)
==30579==    by 0x4812E1B: eo_do_internal (eo.c:403)
==30579==    by 0x4279D02: evas_object_smart_del (evas_object_smart.c:1080)

Patch by: José Roberto de Souza  <>

SVN revision: 81180
2012-12-17 19:48:54 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi 165eb12d81 edbus: fix missing blank lines
Apparently the previous sed script didn't caught all missing blank

SVN revision: 81179
2012-12-17 19:48:45 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi 7deb01f446 efreet: rename DISCONNECTED event after edbus change
SVN revision: 81178
2012-12-17 18:51:10 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi c4cedac312 edbus: rename DISCONNECTED event
SVN revision: 81177
2012-12-17 18:25:13 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi d2c7cdd0d6 edbus: Fix formatting
SVN revision: 81176
2012-12-17 18:25:06 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi 8cbd63de27 edbus: simplify end condition check in loop
SVN revision: 81175
2012-12-17 18:25:00 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi ada326a184 edbus: avoid using dbus_signature_iter_get_signature when not needed
SVN revision: 81174
2012-12-17 18:24:54 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi 8af6b6620f edbus: Use eina_log in client example and generalize expected values
Keep expected values in a struct. It would be ideal to have all values
and compare functions in an array, so we would be able to set the same
callback function for all methods. But it's already short enough so keep
it as is.

The usage of eina_log here allows us to easily catch which test failed.

SVN revision: 81173
2012-12-17 18:24:49 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi effae37eab edbus: Fix typo in error message
SVN revision: 81172
2012-12-17 18:24:43 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi f75ffb34fa edbus: Don't use "bool" as a variable name
Using bool as variable name is asking for trouble in C99. If we end up
including stdbool.h, this would fail.

SVN revision: 81171
2012-12-17 18:24:37 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi e53c47bcf0 edbus: Let arguments_get fail if getting less args than passed
If user passed a string with more elements, return EINA_FALSE on
edbus_message_arguments_get() so he knows not all elements are
initialized. Before this patch, we would notify user of its error if he
did something like:

	i) edbus_message_arguments_get(msg, "uu", &a)
	ii) edbus_message_arguments_get(msg, "uu", &a, &b)

And "msg" containing only 1 argument.

This also fixes the case in which user is getting the elements of an
array iterator and the array is empty. We were previously returning
EINA_TRUE, even if we were not filling the variable.

Last but not least, if the user was calling
edbus_message_iter_arguments_get() in an empty array, we would return
EINA_FALSE, even if we didn't actually get any element.

SVN revision: 81170
2012-12-17 18:24:31 +00:00
Lucas De Marchi 7a2a31a436 edbus: do not use dbus_signature_iter_get_signature in edbus_message_iter_arguments_vget
we are only interested in the first char of the signature so we can use
dbus_signature_iter_get_current_type and:

a) avoid the allocation of the signature for each complete type
b) simplify the check for struct and dict, since *_get_current_type()
   does TheRightThing (TM)

This also rename some variables to clarify the new semantics:

 iter_type -> iter
 sig_type  -> sig_iter

SVN revision: 81169
2012-12-17 18:24:23 +00:00