5 Commits (f00427bdf143661467eeacbe7977e949ed75d329)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Christopher Michael 4f972b800b Move Efreet (and associated headers) to own dir. 14 years ago
Vincent Torri 1b9235aa1f fix autotools stuff 14 years ago
Vincent Torri f5821e813c * use Requires.private field in efreet .pc files if pkg-config 0.22 is installed. 14 years ago
rephorm be98c62a12 fix Cflags 17 years ago
tilman 5dddb73320 pkgconfig 17 years ago
rbdpngn 87456146fa Add support for pkg-config to emotion. 20 years ago
Carsten Haitzler e69533d6d0 shared lib deps only now 21 years ago
jeoparde 83b5a05e2f Patch to update pkg-config from Tilman Sauerbeck <tilman@code-monkey.de>. 21 years ago
Carsten Haitzler 1a1dcc4f51 packageconfig support 21 years ago