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Carsten Haitzler fb92a519bf fix the copying license to
1. get rid of grammar mistake
2. refer to COPYING-PLAIn correctly as the filename
3. be more explicit on "shipping source" due to ambiguity (this makes it what
it was intended to be and that is GPL compatible).

this does not modify the LGPL libs... or GPL apps etc. - only those using the
original COPYING from e. author and dates at the top remain the same.

SVN revision: 38569
2009-01-13 13:00:45 +00:00
doursse ff821bdc93 fix compilation with cegcc and minor fixing
copyright update

* src/lib/Evil.h:
* src/lib/dlfcn/dlfcn.h:
* src/lib/mman/sys/mman.h:
define EFL_EVIL_BUILD in config.h for managing correctly EAPI

* src/bin/test_pipe.c:
stdio.h is needed after winsock2.h for mingw32ce

* src/lib/dlfcn/dlfcn.c (get_last_error), (dlopen), (dlsym):
* src/lib/evil.c:
fix some heafer files inclusion on cegc platform.
first step of mingw32ce support

* src/lib/mman/mman.c:
define _get_osfhandle for mingw32ce

SVN revision: 33934
2008-03-05 09:19:38 +00:00
doursse 886c1074ff * COPYING:
update the COPYING file

SVN revision: 33902
2008-03-03 09:27:55 +00:00
doursse a5d43225dc Here is the Evil library, which provides, for the Windows platform (XP or Mobile), a set of Unix functions used in the EFL and which do not exist on that evil platform
SVN revision: 33862
2008-02-27 21:01:30 +00:00