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Edje 1.7.99





eet (at least 1.5.0)
ecore (at least 1.1.0)
ecore-evas (at least 1.1.0)
ecore-file (at least 1.1.0)
embryo (at least 1.1.0)
evas (at least 1.1.0)
For audio support (disabled - you have to patch to enable):
remix -
libsndfile (at least 1.0.22)
libasound (alsa)

Edje is a graphical layout and animation library for animated resizable,
compressed and scalable themes. It is meant to abstract UI from the
programmer to make it possible to plug in any replacement look at feel
that can be generated any time after an application or library has
already been developed, thus allowing full flexibility of look and
feel without having to involve the software developers.


(as root unless you are installing in your users directories):
make install