Doug Newgard 4c0d5ae4d7 Minor PKGBUILD cleanup
Add PKGBUILD to make dist so it will be in the snapshots
Change dep to current efl package since efl_x11 isn't there anymore
Check for Makefile before running make clean distclean otherwise build fails
Set correct arch on elementary_doc
Install docs to /usr/share/doc

Reviewers: raster

Differential Revision: https://phab.enlightenment.org/D282
2013-11-07 20:05:02 +09:00
.gitignore Split .gitignore into multiple files 2013-06-11 18:18:06 -03:00
PKGBUILD.in Minor PKGBUILD cleanup 2013-11-07 20:05:02 +09:00