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- efreet_desktop_command_* should free the exec strings for you (set free cb on execs list in _build()). need to make sure users of this function are updated when this change is made (e.g. e17's exec cb)
- Efreet_Menu should setup an Ecore_File_Monitor on the .menu files and the
app_dir and reload the menu when needed
- The move handling is wrong when moving to a destination with /'s in the
name. We should be creating intermediate menus for each of the /'d items
instead of just making the name as we do now
- Add support for searching for a list of fallback icons in the current theme
BEFORE looking in the inherited themes (e.g. for mime-types that go from
specific to general).
- If a theme has several icon types (png, xpm..) prefer the first in the
extension list.
- Add some ref/free tracking to check if users aren't abusing the system.
Notes from the Menu Spec test
- We're appending the / to the menu names in the test case. We should
possibly be doing that in the efreet code itself.