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Eina 1.0.0 BETA




Must have:
 (For windows you also need: evil)

Eina is a library providing data structure utilities for EFL that are meant
to be lean, efficient and tailored to EFL's needs. This saves each
library implementing its own custom datatype handling and duplicating
the code. Some of the datatypes handles are:
  Arrays (variable sized)
  Hash tables
  Inlined linked lists
  Linked lists
  Red/black trees
  Stringbuffers (expandable string buffers)

In addition Eina supports shared string token hashes with Stringshare
and Unistringshare (standard ascii/utf8 strings and full unicode
strings). It has a Trash pointer collector for deferring freeing until
work is complete on a dataset, Unicode string wrapping and handling,
UTF8 string parsing, 2D tile structure handling and rectangle
utilities, module loading wrapper, Memory pools for faster allocation
and less fragmentation of the heap, Output logging and selective
aborting on critical enough states, fixed point math functions, CPU
feature detection (like MMX, SSE, VFP, NEON etc.), Counters, binary
token sharing and more.


(do this as root unless you are installing in your users directories):
  make install